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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Senduduk (Melastoma candidum D. Don) vaginal discharge drug, dysentery, mouth sores, diarrhea, ulcers, neutralize toxic cassava, and uterine bleeding

 Senduduk vaginal discharge
drug, dysentery, mouth sores, diarrhea, ulcers, neutralize toxic cassava, and uterine bleeding

Senduduk aliax sengggani (Melastoma candidum D. Don) growing wild in places that get enough sunlight, such as mountain slopes, bushes, fields that are not too arid or attractions in the region as an ornamental plant. This plant can be found up to a height of 1650 m above sea level. Shrubs, erect, height 0.5 to 4 m, much branched, scaly and hairy. Single leaves, stemmed, location facing ersilang. Leaf blade ovate to oval-elongate, pointed tip, base rounded, the edge of the flat, surface with short hair that is rarely harsh and rigid, so palpable by 3 leaves a curved bone, the length of 20-20 cm, width from 0.75 to 8.5 cm, it's green. Inflorescence compound out at the tip of the panicle branches flush with the number of flowers per panicle 4-18, the crown 5, the color is reddish purple. Ripe fruit will split and share in some part, reddish purple color. Seeds small, brown color. The fruit can be eaten, while the young leaves can be eaten as fresh vegetable and disayur. Propagation by seed., January 23, 2003
Nature and Benefits Sikaduduk (Central Sumatra, so people call it) this bitter efficacious as a reliever fever (antieprik), pain relievers (analgesics), peluruh urine (diuretic), eliminating swelling, blood flow and stop bleeding (hemostatis). The content and properties
Senduduk leaves contain saponin, flavonoida and tannins. Parts used are leaves, roots, seeds and fruit. Senduduk efficacious to overcome:
* Impaired digestion of food (dispepsi), basiler dysentery, diarrhea * Hepatitis * Whitish (leukorea), canker sores * Blood of excessive menstruation, uterine bleeding outside the time period * Nosebleed, blood stools (melena), bleeding hemorrhoids * Inflammation of the blood vessel wall with blood clots in the channel (thromboangitis) * BMS are not fluent * Poisoning cassava, drunk liquor * Busung water, and boil
How to Use
Roots as much as 30-60 g of boiling water, then drink. For external use, fresh leaves that have been dried or finely ground and then affixed on burns or wounds bleed. Wounds are then bandaged. whitish drug senduduk leaves 2 handfuls of fresh, ginger and bengle each about the size of your thumb is washed and cut into pieces as needed. Enter 3 cups water and 1 tablespoon vinegar, and boil until the water remaining 2 cups. After chilling filtered, then taken 2 times a day, each 1 cup. Note: Ginger and bengle can be replaced with 3 flower buds chrysolite and 3 seeds of the old nut. Dysentery basiler After chilling filtered, then drink as well. The leaves are then chewed with a little salt, then water is swallowed and the pulp discarded. Diarrhea Senduduk leaves 1 handful of young, 5 g mangosteen skin, and 3 pieces of Blumea leaf, all the fresh ingredients after being washed and then boiled with 1 1 / 2 cups water sammpai remaining 1 / 2 cup. After chilling filtered, divided for 3 times the drink, ie morning, afternoon and evening. Ulcer senduduk fresh leaves of 50 g boiled. Drink boiled water, the waste is crushed and affixed to a boil, then bandaged. Neutralize toxins Cassava Roots or leaves senduduk of 60 g boiled in 3 cups of water until remaining 1 glass. After chilling filtered and then drink as well. Uterine bleeding Senduduk seed as much as 15 g roasted until hitamlalu boiled with 2 cups of water until remaining 1 glass. After chilling filtered and taken 2 times a day, each 1 / 2 cup. akukan every day until cured.
Source: Atlas of Plant Medicines of Indonesia; Dr. Setiawan Dalimartha / hd; Useful Plants of Indonesia; Big Indonesian Dictionary. Posted by Plant Medicine and Science at 17:52 0 comments Links to this post Submit by Email This BlogThis! Sharing to Twitter Share on Facebook Share to Google Buzz Labels: diarrhea, ulcers, dysentery, neutralize toxic cassava, medicinal vaginal discharge, uterine bleeding, thrush, Senduduk, senggani

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