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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.)

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) | Plants including family Apiaceae. Grow from low altitude 1,800 meters above sea level, but it would be better to grow in the highlands.

To pengembangbiakannya by seed or by separating the children plant.
Other names:

das hot (Aceh), anise, fennel (Malay), adeh, manih (Minagkabau), hades (Sunda), anise, fennel Londa, fennel Landi (Java), adhas (Madura), etc..
These plants contain:

essential oil (oleum Foeniculi), anetol, fenkom, pinen, limonene, dipenten, felandren, metilchavikol, anisaldehid, anisat acids, fats and oils.
Cough in children:

1 teaspoon full of fennel, a piece of bark pulasari measuring 4 cm and 1 red onion peeled. All washed, crushed. Give 1 cup of water and a piece of rock sugar and cook until the water is staying half a glass. Half drunk before breakfast and half before bed. Repeat a few days.
Abdominal pain in children, diarrhea 3-4 times a day, nausea, bloating:

3 teaspoons fennel, 5 klutuk guava leaf, 10 cm pulasari. All are washed and crushed. Boil 2 cups water to 1 cup water to live. Filter. The water was half drunk and half again tonight morning.

3 teaspoons full of fennel, 1 red onion, peeled, 1 cup Chinese patikan leaf, 1 / 2 cup meniran leaf, 1 teaspoon full of white cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.). All washed, boiled with 1 l of water until water live half. So that tastes better given a sugar cube. Strain and drink 4-5 times daily. Repeat for several days.
Persistent hemorrhoid bleeding:

2 teaspoons full of fennel, 4 cm bark pulsari washed, crushed and boiled with water until only half a glass. Give semanisnya palm sugar. Filter. One banana rock / klutuk young washed and shredded with the skin. The water is squeezed and mixed with boiled water pulasari fennel. 1x drink a day. Keeseokan day repeated once again.
Bad breath due to canker sores or sore throat:

1 teaspoon fennel, 1 cup beluntas leaf, 2 cardamom seeds, washed, take precedence. Give a little salt. Brewed with a cup of water. After cold pressed with a cloth. To 3 times daily wear. Do not jump to swallow, but let some time in the mouth, then bit by bit ditelah. Repeat for several days.

2 teaspoons full of fennel, turmeric size 7 cm peeled, 2 red onions peeled. All washed, crushed, brewed with 1 1 / 2 cup water, then filtered with a minute left kain.Untuk taken 3x a day and a half cups. Repeat a few days.

2 teaspoons full of fennel, 4 cm bark pulsari washed, crushed, boiled with a glass of water until the water is staying half. Filter. Gourds are washed, peeled and grated. Squeezed in a cloth so that the water becomes almost 1 cup. Combine with fennel cooking water pulasasi and 2 tablespoons of honey. While drunk.
Preventing stuip in children:

If the child's fever and difficulty urinating, to reduce the heat can be given: 4 teaspoons fennel, 6 cm pulasari bark, 7 Anyang Anyang-grain seed. (Anyang, Anyang or Elaeocarpus grandiflorus J. Sm. Usually called rejasa). All washed, boiled with 2 cups water to be 1 cup. Filter. Drink 1 cup a day.

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