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Monday, January 10, 2011

Tamarindus Indica,FOR CLEANING BLOOD, inflammation MILK, AND ALLERGIES

Tamarindus Indica FOR CLEANING BLOOD, inflammation milk, and Allergies
by Tarmizi, BSc, S. Pd

The mothers in the kitchen, always keep acid among other spices, as is widely used in cooking. Acid in Sumatra is known as bakme, acamlagi, acam Java, sour wood, mencelaki, cumalagi. In Java, called the talisman of acid, acid wit and acem. In Nusatengara called celagi, Bage, incorporate, Kamaru, make, Tobi, kenefo and in Kalimantan as tamarind, in sula-Wesi as Asang cow, Camba, cempa, while in the Moluccas called tobelaki and jawaka acid. Cuisine using acid as the ingredients are fresh and delicious.
The figure of plants
Tamarind tree (Tamarindus indica), which is old can reach 25 m high by 1 m diameter with a dome-shaped leaf canopy shade. Although small-leaved small, but widely planted as shade coastal highway. Number of leaves very much and woven like lace, fill in the gaps to be able to expose the surface to the direction of the sun, then the dinaunginya rindanglah bottom. Unfortunately every dry season until the leaves are entire tree is almost bare and bloom again the beginning of the rainy season as the young leaves.
Young leaves of the tamarisk tree in Java is known as a sing eNom which the peracik wedang cloister called sinom. Drink from this same sinom wedang fresh with citrus or sour syrup, to accompany the workshop together juadah fuel.
Long-stemmed fruit pod. Among the seed there is a separator. Seeds hard, shiny and colored brown with outer walls of the fragile skin of the fruit. levels of the chemical is tartaric acid, invert sugar and pectin. Among peracik herbs, fruit acids play an important role as a cleaning "dirty blood".
Allergy cure
Toward the dry season, tamarind trees began to bear fruit. one pod usually contains four eggs slightly flattened black seeds, which overwhelmed the fruit flesh. At first green colored and hard, but then so brown and soft. Fruit acids are known to caluk young and old when it is called sour.
By the peracik herbs, young leaves (sinom) used going to the herb turmeric acid, such as herbal facilitating urine. The goal to eradicate itching on the skin because of allergies and also mencahar ringaan. If the making of this tamarind turmeric, who used its leaves. Leaves sinom a handheld water boiled with a glass, along with the parent tuber slices a finger turmeric, boil 5 minutes. After the filtered pulp, turmeric juice is acidic while drunk. Make some time to heal allergies.
Substances that are efficacious in sinom tartaric acid, which is in a state of rather dense wall stimulate the mucous membrane of organs in its path, such as the throat, stomach and intestine. As a result of itching allergy "detonated" faster, so the sooner completed. People feel relieved and cured of allergies.
The intestine is stimulated by tartaric acid was also more aggressive air-peristalsis (moving in waves squeeze), urging it towards the "back door", sort of a mild laxative. With this managed-care, food substances that cause allergies thrown out of the body.
Fruit acids have a name tamarindi Fructus bulbs, while the acid is tamarindi kawak cudum pulp. Kawak acid is the name for the fruit acids that have been brooded for months in a closed jar until the liquid came out like syrup. actually it is tartaric acid esters and citric in the form of oil, but herbal experts call it "honey" acid.
Blood Cleaner
Acids in tamarind fruit (tartaric acid, citric acid and malic acid) to give a special flavor to the fruit. It turned out that the substances were able to clean "dirty blood". actually not dirty, just fat alone, up to disrupt the blood in exchange for material properties, especially the new oxygen from outside (through the lungs) with long carbon dioxide, the solution in the body.
In view of herbal medicine experts, "dirty blood" that disrupt the body's metabolism, to arise acne (in advance) and ulcers (in the back). If not efficiently with antibiotics, must have been caused by "dirty blood" which carries most of the fat. So it should be handled from within the kawak acid and ginger.
Jamu dirty blood
Acid kawak of your thumb and ginger 5 slices, boiled with 1.5 cups of water. Let continue to boil until the water stayed half. Done filtered given little brown sugar to ginger somewhat less bitter and drunk all at once.
With ginger drink, liver is stimulated to produce bile acids more smoothly, to be able to dissolve the excessive fats earlier. meanwhile kawak acid will spur more vigorous heart beats for, so the blood circulation more smoothly. Working together the two substances had been produced by the cleaning "dirty blood" and how this has long been exploited our ancestors.
vomiting medicine
Tamarind seeds which had long without as much as three pieces, three pieces cardamom aka gardamunggu, three-quarters teaspoon black tehjintan, two petiole rue, three pieces of palm sugar each 8 cm. All materials are washed and cut into pieces and boiled with three glasses of water to drink. Let boil down to three-quarters of the, let cool and strain. Satau medicinal drink or two times a day, every time I drank a glass three-quarters.
Inflammation of milk for nursing mothers
Milled 15 pieces tamarind without seeds until smooth. ill stick to milk, twice a day.
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Tanarindus Indica For Body skinny, mouth ulcer, and obesity
by Tarmizi, BSc. S.Pd

In everyday kehidupah tamarind pretty much help, especially to make cooking a pleasure. Acid vegetables fresh and nutritious as the absolute need tamarind marinade. Acid addition also provides its own flavor to a dish.
In traditional medicinals, tamarind is often used as a febrifuge, by way of acid soaked with boiled water, then drink the water. Acid can help digestion of food in the stomach, so makrian will be more easily digested and absorbed by the body. Acid can also be used as a drug facilitate defecation "laxative", because it contains ". Potassium bitartrat".

Canker sores are small ulcers, with colored base keputihputihan, which occurred on the tongue, lips, or gums and cause pain.
Thrush is caused by iron deficiency, vitamin B12, vitamin C, but can also arise due to stress.
• 3 finger tamarind (deseeded) and brown sugar to taste boiled with enough water. Once filtered, the water is drunk while warm.
Note: Choose one of these recipes and do regularly 2 times daily.
Lack of Weight Loss / Obese
People usually have the so-called thin underweight ideal weight.
In general, "thin body occurs due to lack of input energy than the energy used by the body.
How many factors that cause a person to lack of weight loss include: heredity, metabolic disorders, disease, excess fat on a diet, and others.
• 15 grams ground. sleigh, 15 grams lempuyang, .15 grams of black meeting, 15 grams of a key meeting, and tamarind to taste boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc. Wait until warm boiled water, then drink.
• Fruit ripe tamarind skin removed, then the fruit is eaten.
• Acid java, brown sugar, and susu'masing individual taste and 1 banana boiled. While warm, water is taken and eaten banana.
Perform regular 2 times a day. If you have up to 10 12 days, treatment was stopped during 3hari. Sefelah it, treatment can ditanjulkan back.
Excess Weight Loss (Obesity)
Being overweight is a condition of weight above normal weight. It is more common in people with middle to high economic level. Besides mengganggti mobility, obesity also reduce one's attractiveness and appearance. In addition, obesity also has a higher risk of various diseases, such as: hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
The main factors that cause obesity is the inclusion energy that far exceeds the expenditure resulting in the accumulation of body fat that exceeds the normal limit.
Several factors affect each other and can cause obesity is the excess input (intake) of food, lack of physical activity, psychological factors, and factors Ketu descendants. In addition, obesity can be triggered by various factors, such as: disorders of hormones, enzymes, metabolism, and the influence of drugs.
• The young leaves or young fruit taste sour kawak discount consumed every day.
Choose a recipe and do regularly 2 times a day. After doing a kiur (10 12 days), treatment was stopped for 3 days. After that, treatment can be continued.
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