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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coriander overcome the problem of bedtime saliva

Coriander overcome the problem of bedtime saliva, sore breasts, dry skin, and menstrual launched
You Have a Problem, with saliva?

by Tarmizi, B.Sc., S.Pd

Ketumbar Coriandrum sativum
 If you often constrained irritated by saliva, which usually mejeleh when you're sleeping, it's easy to wash off the habit that way, Take 3-7 biiji coriander and a little salt chew and swallow them., In this way, the saliva will not melt while you sleep . (Experience: wadiusma, Block A Kafimas 9 Rt I Rw I Poreh Lanteng Sumenep -69 461)
Coriander in Indonesia also known as the Sumatra berbabagi called: Keutumba, ketumeur, ketumber, hatumbar, katumba, penyilang. Katuncar, tuncar, katumbar, katombhar, tombhar, tumbar, penjelang. In Jawadikenal as Coriander. Population Nusa Tenggara call: Katumbah, katumba. While in Sulawesi called katumbah, katumbaro, katombara, id.
Chemical Ingredients
Chemical Ingredients coriander among others: the essential oil. tannins. mucus. Asan) malate. vitamin A. CCoriander (Coriandrum satirum L.) is known by the peracik herbs with bulbs name Apiaccae Coriandri Fructus for coriander (MOH, 1985)
Usefulness for treatmentCoriander seeds are used for drug:- Pelelap sleep- Peluruh sputum / cough medicine- Peluruh menstruationCoriander fruit is used for drug:Fart-peluruhAppetite-enhancerBody-freshener-Relief medicationASI-facilitatingNausea-prevention
Breast inflammation (Mastitis)
Sore breasts is a lot happening in the mother nenyusui. The symptoms that accompany inflammation of the breast is a pain in one breast and the breasts become swollen.
If the pain and breast swelling are not addressed, the breasts will appear purple and painful.
Breast inflammation may occur due to blockage of milk ducts due to incomplete emptying so. breast milk flowing back into the milk ducts.Treatment:· To taste coriander leaves finely ground and then placed on the affected breast.
Dry Skin TreatmentIn middle age, dry skin condition is common and is a natural process due to reduced oil production in the skin. However, this can also occur at a young age.
Cause:At a young age, dry skin condition can be caused by pernakaian cosmetics that are alkaline in a relatively long time, eating an unbalanced diet, prolonged exposure to sunlight, or the influence of AC.· 30 grams coriander leaves, 1 carrot, 1 green pepper, 1 / 4 lemon, 1 / 4 fruit melons, mustard greens and 4 sheets washed and juiced. Add sugar to taste, stir, stir, then drink.
Smooth menstruation· Coriander ½ tsp, turmeric 2 rhizome, seed ½ teaspoon nutmeg, ½ srigading leaf cell. All materials are finely ground and boiled with 1 liter of water to boiling and then filtered. Drink 1 cup a day (Malin Maradjo, 1999).
For Pinworms· 10 grams coriander seeds, 25 grams of black meeting, 25 grams bangle, and 5 pieces of betel leaf stalks (sliced ​​thin) boiled with 600 cc of water to remaining 300 cc and then drink while warm, to drink 2 times. (Hembing, 2002 )

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