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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Phylanthus aurinaria L

Phylanthus aurinaria L as Malaria Drug, gastroenteritis, and Kidney. By Tarmizi, BSc, S. Pd

Aka child Sidukung meniran (Phylanthus aurinaria L) is a wild plant as a weed promising potential as an ingredient of traditional medicine which is very valuable. Our ancestors already use it as medicine penggempur kidney stones, fever, diarrhea, facilitating urine, gout, constipation, and pain relievers. In Java, people familiar with this plant with green meniran, memeniran and Meniran temporary because the fruit of groats, sidukung serdangkan in Sumatra as a child. Perhaps because the fruit hanging on the midrib of leaves (like fruit katu), seems to be picked up or supported. The herb called it peracik Herbs to plant sidukung Phillanthy children (meniran) completely. The figure of plants Sidukung children (meniran) is a wild plant as a bush with leaves neatly arranged, finned even like banana leaf china. Sheet form leaves rounded ovate to elongate. Size small leaves with rounded or pointed tip. Lower leaf surface with spots, berkelenjar. This plant is only about 30-40 cm high. Trunked soft, branched split. At one plant sidukung children (meniran) there exist female flowers at the base of the leaf, while the male flowers at the tip of the leaf consists of 2-3 florets. Round flower shape. Similar fruit berkatup box three, slippery. The size of groats (broken rice), 0.2 to 0.25 cm in diameter. Two types These wild plants scattered in the garden, lawn, curb, gutter edges, and near the garbage disposal. Spread over all the land from the tropical lowlands to the highlands around 1,500 m above sea level. Based on the color of plants alias meniran sidukung child can be divided into two species, namely sidukung children (meniran) red and sidukung children (meniran) green. Both belong to distance-jarakan Euphorbiaceae family. Sidukung children (meniran) red (Phyllanthus aurinaria) trunked red. When ripe fruit, flowers anthers will be broken crosswise. While sidukung children (meniran) green (Phyllanthus niruri) trunked green. When ripe fruit, flowers will burst anthers longitudinally. Drug ingredient used for all parts of plants, roots, and leaves. Fresh material obtained first aerated to dry (in the shade) before being used sebgai concoction of drugs. It was bitter, slightly sour, cool.
Substances which merit Decoction of this plant taste bitter, because the content of nutritious substances, among others Filantin, hipofilantin, potassium salt. The Javanese call it meniran ijo, memeniran or meniran. The capacity of the child including family Euphorbiaceae. All nutritious plants sebagaipeluruh menstruation, peluruh sputum / cough medicine, laxative urine and appetite enhancer. (MOH, 1985) Sidukung children (meniran) as the medicine according to Sri Yuliani and Hernani from Balitro (Research Institute for Spices and Medicinal Plants) containing compounds kimuia alkaloids, saponins, glycosides, flavonoida, tannins, and other substances that have medicinal. While other researchers call meniran contain filantin, hipfilantin, potassium, tannin, resin. Tanin as antidiarrheal effect. Potassium is a diuretic and penggempur kidney stones. Alkaloids, saponins, glucoside, flavanoida, a specific pharmacologic effect. In-depth research on the effect of child sidukung (meniran) to a disease not much, but these plants as ingredients of traditional medicine has long been in Indonesia and China. Drug ingredient As a medicinal herb ingredients, the sinshes prefer to use sidukung children (meniran) red. Simplisianya better known as zhen zhu cao. The material used to heal inflammation of the kidneys, the infection salurankencing, appetite enhancer children, peluruh sputum, peluruh menstruation, cure dysentery and oral thrush. Diuretics and gout drug To alleviate urination and gout can be used ingredients consist of 4-5 child sidukung leaf midrib (meniran) along leaf cat's whiskers (Orthosiphon grandiflora) is the same lot. Material was boiled in a glass of water (220 ml) until only half. Once cool to drink, do it 2 times a day. Malaria drug Clean half a handful of leaves the child support and boiled in 3 cups water. Boil until the water continued to live half. Cool and strain, drink 3 times a day. Gonorrhea drug Take three quarters of last child leaves sidukung washed, then boiled in clean water as much as four cups. Bring to a boil and allow it to stay three-quarters of the water. Chill and filtered. mix with a little sugar before drinking, do it three times a day. Drug fester Fester it can be seen from the symptoms, namely fever and hot, swollen skin around the wound, if it were discovered the wound, pus will exit. To treat it follow the traditional recipe follows. Gilinglah half a handful of leaves sidukung children (meniran buffalo) after washing. After the smooth, kneaded with a tablespoon of salt water. Then rub in the wound fester. Completed treatment, the wound should be bandaged. Pakaialah this medicine twice a day. Drug gastroenteritis Petiklah leaf sidukung handheld three-quarters of children then washed and boiled with three glasses of water. Let continue to boil down to tigaperempatnya. Cooking water is filtered and taken with pure honey. Take this medicine three times a day, each time three-quarters cup. Skin disease drug Leaves and stems sidukung children (meniran) are crushed to be used as a poultice to cure skin diseases. Decoction of leaves and stems can be used as a black dye on the cloth and mats. Stem and leaf extract collision sidukung children (meniran) can be used penuba fish. Posted by Plant Medicine and Science at 10:29

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