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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pegs the Earth as a tonic and an upset stomach

Pegs the Earth as a tonic and an upset stomach  By Tarmizi, B. Sc

Pegs of the earth (Eurycoma longifolia Jack.) Have been so famous, so in Australia has hundreds of acres planted as a garden of medicinal plants. Seedlings they had taken from Kalimantan. Malay people know him as tongkat ali, which has now been circulated also efficacious ala Malaysian coffee, coffee tongkat ali. In Indonesia a new earth pegs found growing in Kalimantan and Sumatra. He included Simarubacecae family. His name in Sumatra are pegs of the earth, skinny pig, lote the sea, 'pait lote, lote white, kebel, mempoleh, tungke ali. In Kalimantan as: pins earth. Name simplisianya Eurycomae Radix, the roots of the earth pins. Chemical constituents and Amarolid berkhasiatnya Eurikomolakton. Usefulness Roots pegs earth to peluruh urine, neutralizing toxins, lowering heat. Among lovers of traditional herbal medicine, earth pegs well known, because it is considered cespleng as "strong medicine". The reality is not so. Heard the earth as pegs, generally of people directly connected with a person's sexual weakness. So far, there are many who choose to peg the earth to solve it. By drinking water seduhannya, they can expect excitement much longer. Pegs of the earth, Eurycoma longifolia. that the Minangkabau are known as tongke ali and the Batak land as this skinny pigs are coastal plants. Beautiful shape, about 6 feet tall. He usually grow in the forests of Sumatra and Kalimantan. In Java he did not grow in the wild so it is considered there is no peg in the Java world. He called the pivot of the earth because the root tunggangnya conical, more and more into the smaller end, looks like pegs (nails out of wood) that is attached to the earth. As a tonic All parts of the earth's crop pegs bitter taste, because it contains saponins, sitosterol and stigmasterol. Saponin in the earth peg efficacious as a tonic for people with digestive disorders due to sluggishness of the body. These substances can stimulate appetite, and restore the body lethargic. It just works like saponin in ginseng. For this, the earth peg root shavings boiled, and drunk like tea if taken regularly, "tea" the root of this earth pegs can cause the face glow series. look younger. Soalnva, blood circulation becomes smooth. So it is not true that the earth peg efficacious as "strong medicine". he just restore physical fitness course. Use pegs earth happened ') anyaan precisely. to replace the sea lote (Strychnos liqustrina) as toaikum. The reason, this sea lote if used excessively. berbanaya instead. Use lote sea in high josis can paralyze the respiratory system. Because of the danger iniah, lote the sea and then replaced the earth peg arm, so that the pegs of the earth and is called "lote sea 'as well. Medicine for stomach ache If saponin efficacious as) nikum, the sitosterol and stigma in the pegs of the earth ~ Erol efficacious as an upset stomach. Leaves sitosterol as found in quinine bark, have anti-fever and anti kolesteremik (preventing kelebih of cholesterol). While stigmasterol efficacious as anti-whooping. On this basis, steeping small shavings or small chunks of earth used as a peg root herbs whooping abdominal pain, abdominal pain that is accompanied by straining when bowel movements. As an upset stomach peg the earth shall be mixed with other materials. The recipe, a tablespoon of grated root is mixed with a handful of earth peg sliced patikan China (Euphorbia prostrate) one finger cinnamon (Cinnamomum burmaru), and one teaspoon of mungsi (Carum copticum). Make sure china function muffle pain, cinnamon reduces the bitter taste, and serve as astrigen mungsi. This herb is boiled in 3 cups water, until half the water to live. Drink one cup boiling water (small glass) saia. three times a day. (Tarmizi) Posted by Plant Medicine and Science at 10:35 Submit by Email This BlogThis! Sharing to Twitter Share on Facebook Share to Google Buzz Label: upset stomach, pegs the Earth, tonic

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