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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lotus for ageless drink, various bleeding, eczema, chronic hepatitis and hypertension

Lotus for ageless drink, various bleeding, eczema, chronic hepatitis and hypertension

by Tarmizi, B.Sc. Spd

Make your own herbal medicine is better than mmembeli. So said a young inventor herbal prescription, Mrs. Sri Hadi. "Kebersihannyapun more secure," as the reason. Usefulness? Drink twice a week, morning and afternoon. For example, every Monday and Thursday or Tuesday-Friday. My body feels healthy, fresh, face radiant, smooth skin and taut. Try it, who is a lotus mau.JAMU

According to the color of the lotus flowers are of two kinds, the red and white. According ukurannyapun there is a large and small. Large type, among others Nelumbium Nelumbo, Nelumbium speciosum, and Nelumbiumium nucifera. While a small named NYMPHAEA indica and NYMPHAEA pubescens.

Both are different. Which were from India and China, while a small lotus species originated from Africa. Special large lotus in India have long exploited. In addition to herbal medicine as well as for food. For example, roots and seeds or dikari fried lotus fruit, can also be used as pickles and pickled. While in the Chinese restaurant, lotus fruit as one of the ingredients in a dish of duck meat. reputedly duck meat would not otherwise interfered with its ad senikmat lotus fruit first in the kitchen.
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White Lotus (NYMPHAEA alba)
White Lotus (NYMPHAEA alba)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Nymphaeales
Family: Nymphaeaceae
Species Lotus flowers

Bitter lotus flower. because it is to be used as herbal medicine should be boiled first. Only boiled water that is drunk. Water lily stew to launch a urine expenditure is broken. It also can cure a cough, vomiting and able to clean the blood. Those who diligently drinking boiled water lily will make his face is always fresh. That way the mother and remaji lotus herbal enthusiasts will always stay young.
For eczema
Strand crown lotus efficacious overcome the interference of the young mothers who are pregnant. Strand crown lotus boiled in cow's milk and then squeezed and eaten in pill form. If the flowers were burned, the ashes were used as external medicine to cure eczema, boils and other skin disorders.
For hemorrhoids
Among Chinese beauty expert, has always been to find herbs that maintain skin softness. Yitu the form of a lotus crown strands have been dried. as well as pollen and stamens, are used for cosmetic ingredients. If the pollen and stamens mixed with honey and cheese, then it can be used as medicine hemorrhoids.
For gonorrhea, dysentery and blood clotting

Lotus seeds are also significant. Bean bag-shaped wasp nest, once burned, the ashes were then taken to the cooking water, will stop urinating blood and dysentery. Pockets of bitterness was also used to remove blood clots that often happen to a woman just gave birth. This is simply a bag of lotus seeds in boiling water and dicampursedikit Samsu white (wine from sugarcane juice).
For nerve disorders and eye puffiness
Lotus seeds that have been peeled from the skin, boiled and drunk the water, supposedly efficacious (efficiently) to heal the man who started "weak". While there is an axis in the middle of lotus seed (it's too bitter), boiled water has a calming power. This is good for those who are experiencing neurological disorders (stress, anxiety, palpitations) and healing swollen eye.
To decrease heat

Lotus leaf is bitter and is known as herbal medicine down the heat. In addition to stimulating the skin pores open, so that facilitate transpiration. Besides very good for treating colds and influenza, the lotus leaf is also able to normalize urination and defecation.
For dysentery
Terati leaf dry roasted and used as flour, is an herbal healer dysentery. Two grams of lotus leaf powder mixed with brown sugar and brewed with hot water. Dimi-num medicinal several times. Had dysentery already reached the level of bleeding, then the brown sugar should be replaced with honey.

Lotus root flour (usually white lotus) to stop dysentery. It's a bit sweet. Raw flour to heal canker sores. If it's cooked, flour utilitarian roots strengthen the heart and stomach.
For nosebleed
Lotus stem or stalk which pounded and squeezed the water, can cure a nosebleed. The way is with the juice dripping into his nose bleed. a few drops are enough to stop the bleeding.
For stomach disorders
Lotus stem fibers have a length of yarn about 30 cm. This rod also serves as a sedative such as seeds. The trunk is boiled and drunk boiled water, will cure stomach disorders. It also launched urinate, treat diarrhea and dysentery.
Deterrent chronic hepatitis and hypertension
200 grams of lotus seeds boiled in a pot of soil with 750 cc of water to boiling. Add irisanirisan a persimmon fruit and boiled again until the water remaining 400 cc. 200 cc drunk while warm, do it 2 x daily.
For the heart:
plainly boiled lotus seeds blended with fresh grapes.
Coughing blood, vomiting blood:
Lotus rhizome is washed and then dijuice, until collected 1 glass size of 200 cc. Drink, do it for 3-5 days in a row.
Vomiting, diarrhea:
50 g and 15 g lotus rhizome of ginger washed and dijuice or dipatut, take the water, drink, 3 times a day.
50 g and 10 g lotus rhizome of ginger, grated or dijuice. Water feelings added 100 cc of water, then heated to boiling, Once cool add 1 tablespoon of honey, stir and drink.
High blood pressure.
(1) .10 g and 15 g of seeds of lotus bud lotus seed. (Iien sim), boiled with 350 cc of water until the remaining 200 cc, drink every day like tea.
(2) shoots of lotus seeds (lien sim) of 10-15 g boiled with enough water to boil and drink as tea. It can also shoot lotus seeds finely ground brewed with hot water, drinking.
Heat in, gondokan, is also beneficial for people with heart and liver.
100 g and 50 g lotus rhizome fresh reed rhizome, washed and cut into pieces sufficiently. Boiled with 500 cc of water until the remaining 250 cc. After chilling filtered, drinks like tea.
Bleeding from the nose (nosebleeds):
Lotus root sections washed ialu dijuice. The water dripped into the nose.
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Lotus plant grows that we often encounter in the pool or in the swamp, so far we only see the beauty of flowers and shapes. Apparently the lotus contain many medicinal properties for us. Starting from the rhizome, leaves, stamens, buds, seeds and flowers.

Some properties of the lotus, among others:
1. Lotus seeds can cope with food absorption problems, diarrhea, body weakness, chronic enteritis, dysentery, vomiting, vaginal discharge and bleeding.

2. Tunasnya to relieve fever, thirst, palpitations, anxiety, vomiting blood, and high blood.
3. Stamens can overcome vaginal discharge, bleeding and Anyang-anyangan.
4. Rhizome efficacious to relieve bleeding, excessive menstrual blood, abdominal pain, hemorrhoids, nosebleeds, heart, stomach disorders, anemia and menopause.
5. Lotus leaf can be overcome by the heat fainting, dizziness, headache, and beri-beri.
6. Lotus stems efficacious relieve fainting, chest depressed because of heat and whiteness.
7. Lotus flower can cope with trauma, bleeding, purulent inflammation of the skin, increase appetite, body weakness and lack of blood.
How to use:
Lotus can be drunk, boiled, shredded or juiced.
1. For high blood complaints, take 10 grams of lotus seeds and 15 grams of lotus seeds sprout and then boiled with 350 cc of water to the remaining 200 cc. Drink as tea every day.

2. To cope with frequent vomiting and diarrhea, take 50 grams of ginger rhizome lotus plus 15 grams. Rinse and then blended or grated, take the water and drink 3 times a day.
3. To overcome the heat in, take 100 grams of lotus rhizome plus 50 grams of fresh ginger reed. Rinse and then cut into pieces kemudiang boiled with water until the remaining 500 cc 200 cc. Once cool, strain and drink like tea.
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11/10/2009 Yuliatul Maghfiroh 3 comments
terataiTidak there is another part of the Lotus Flower of useless. Almost all parts of the flower is very useful. From root to flower, all of them useful. Want to know the user?
Despite its location filled by mud or puddles of water, apparently the root of the Lotus has extraordinary properties. Lotus root can cure jaundice or liver.
How to use, take some jumput lotus root, and then boiled to boil down to the remaining approximately 3 cups, or remaining about 600 cc. thereafter, roots decoction can be taken three times daily. Can also add honey to taste better.
While the leaves of the lotus flower can also be used to stop bleeding in the lungs, nose, and uterus. How to use, baked in lotus leaves first, then burning ash, which is intended to stop the bleeding. Lotus leaf burning ash containing homeostatic effect, namely the ability to restore the body to a state of normal conditions return.
Lotus leaf can also be used to febrifuge, cure diarrhea, and headache. The trick is to boil 4 to 5 pieces of lotus leaf with water, then drink the cooking water.
The aroma of lotus flower is a very good use in the treatment with aroma therapy method. Aroma therapy can improve the vitality of the lotus flower and has a calming effect for those who breathe it.
Other parts of the lotus flowers that are useful and can be used as a treatment of the petals, stamens, and pistils of flowers. All three of these herbs can be used for a skin. To do that, mix the three ingredients, then add honey, then spread to the face as a mask.
Lotus seeds contain astringent effect, so it can be used as a sedative, and can also be used to overcome insomnia (difficulty sleeping disorder), that is by drinking water from the boiled lotus seeds.
In addition, lotus seeds can also be diguanakan to heal the hemorrhoid and bleeding after giving birth. The trick is to burn leather lotus seeds, lotus seeds are then swallowed. Another benefit is for the health of the heart, kidneys, and spleen.
Apart from these parts, there are other benefits of the lotus plant, for example fiber of a lotus. Lotus fiber can be used to treat dysentery and launched urination.
There are also other parts of the Lotus, the Lotus tubers that can be processed manjadi dodol, chips, pickles, stir, etc.. Lotus tuber also efficacious to relieve fever, high blood pressure, and hemorrhoids.

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