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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Water Essay

 By: Tarmizi, Bsc

Water by Tarmizi this essay has been published in various newspapers, magazines and tabloids since 1990-2005
Nature and Man
On the beautiful beaches ... waves rolling ...white sparkling run, race,
racing to the beach, hit,break, menghempas reefs.
Ripple and rhythmic, singing songs that have thousands of meanings.The boys who broke ahead of the old,cheered bathed in the waves,and sunbathing bathed in golden sunlight.

Nun ... the distant outskirts of the sky ...pincalang Big Dipper, lanacang yellow, charts and fishing boats,challenged the awesomeness of the ocean to a bite of rice for the children and wife.On the other hand ... boat boat gliding pace, pushing the water,dragging their skiing, singing merrily.

On this beach, palm trees towering into the sea pepohohanan ...either try to see it the ocean,blown by the wind and wave fishermen callback to the edge or domestic and foreign travelers ...certainly, coloring with kehijauannya coastal,
protective bush and terna and fortify the ocean storms.

Beautiful lake flanked by hills environment ...a bluish or brownish.Winding river valley dotted sinuous,and the white rapids rapids jumping cliffs
accompanied with the singing of the kahas desirannya, exciting.
Mega scattered marched accompany Siraja Klana,nan and high mountain peaks blanketed,kejangkungannya mist-covered hide.
In the high mountains, barren peak white,
That's the eternal snow and the varying bluish kedigjayaannya.
And dikedangkalan oceans, we see
fascinating and beautiful marine park.
Beginipun beauty can be moved into the aquarium,ntuk foresight thousand eyes of visitors.
The deep endless ...
That met a sailor, his greatness is menggiriskan ...made himself nothing, menjadarkan humanof pride, self-conceit which often gripping.

In the pondering, penetrated every stretch of reality, a thousand times,we will refer to the water. Beautiful, mepesona, exciting, reconciling all the feelings,and freeing minds from all crush loadand refreshing all the gripping fatigue physically and spiritually.

The poet will whisperand meaningful poems sing in,protruding from the cry of his heart.And the painter ...
would tapand move it onto the canvas
with brush and palette stolen goods.
And the Musicians ...trying to create imitations of whispering and rhythm,with notes of viol and other instruments.
That's the story of all these aesthetic functions of naturalgenerated by his form of water in the middle.
And ... for all of us human, as in kalam divine,
which can be received through an instinctive aesthetic touch that people have.
Water as Spektator
Water ... he spektator of any naturethat lie before us.Read all the outspread,
contemplate all that is hidden,in the natural world in all stories of this universe ...

Once again iqra '. For the realization of what was said there,life or death, the story of the universewith thousands Zigma and variations.Water, he spektator for statics dynamics until buanahave thousands of stories, from the death (arid, barren)up to the story of her life (rich soil).
Nevertheless, this is all due to the energy conditionsthat influence to be able to act as spektator.
Look ... planet Mercury, the heat of a thousand degrees Celsius,water can not be as spektator,
because he only had a form, which is steam.
Another planet Jupiter, its temperature hundreds of degrees Celsius below zero,water only have one form that is solid,which do not provide opportunities for water bersikapnya as spektator.But ... with conformity temperature of the earth, to water as spektator,then we have met, and met as this existence.
Throughout the universal sense, the nature of the universe,
both the concrete and the abstract,airlah as spektator in realizing the distributionand interrelated organizations eksakt material or non eksakt.
Water Philosophy
Water is constantly crashing, hit hard rocks,rocks will slowly open, broken, shattered.So persistence, fortitude, and determination that,will eventually produce the expected fruit.

One time the water we need,Another time we waste and keep it away.Water is very beneficial for life but ...also serves as a source of harm.
Water is often a complaint ...droughts, water shortages, wet, rain, flooded.We all like and need water to live, and ...
fear and keep us alive so that, if Kia was willing to sink.

Water is neutral ...
impartial acid or alkaline, but ...
to a conditionwater will be acidic or alkaline.
Water frequently and is often used as a standard,
comparators, gauges, measuring, weighing, and so on.
This is all due to the nature of physics
and chemical properties that allow.

Water is the universal solvent, can dissolve a variety of materials,and may also be able to dissolve the feelings and imagination.You need water, I need water,we all need water to thousands of intention and purpose.
But eventually ... we all have to urinate.
The water is clean, be clean and can be cleaned.Sometimes the water is dirty, it can be contaminated and can contaminate.

Water rains down from heaven to earth,earth and water can be raised to a skyscraper.Energy required to raise water,
then the man to go up to the business.
The higher the rank, the ideals,
income and belief,the higher the challenge,difficulties and obstacles.

Water always flows to low places,then so is the science that will only flowto the humble man,who know the shortcomings.
The water is always flat surface,as are human in the eyes of the Creator (except faith).
The water has a pressure drop
generate energy,then if we lower the knowledge to others,we will accept the outcome of the worldform of pleasure and happiness,in the hereafter in the form of charity.

Water ... did he mean by itself?Then who created them?Have we ingratitude towards the Creator of this?Wake up O man, obedient to the Lord, the Almighty GOD Rahman.Taken from the book "Water and the Story of the Universe" Work Tarmizi, 1990.Limited published.Tarmizi, 20 005
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