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Monday, August 6, 2012

Prawn cracker manufacturing

Prawn crackers are crackers made from tapioca flour batter and shrimp fed finely ground herbs and spices
to taste. Shrimp usually used is small shrimps or prawns rebon pounded until smooth. The dough is then steamed and raw after being cooked and chewy thinly sliced, then dried in the sun to dry. Sun drying is usually about 2-3 days. Raw crackers are dry whenever it is ready to be fried crackers in order to be ready to serve.
Shrimp chips and crackers that are still raw shrimp (
A. Some fresh shrimp tails
2. 1 kg of starch
3. Salt to taste
4. Little lipstick
5. MSG slightly
How it works:
A. Shrimp cleaned and removed all the bones, then pounded into powder.
2. Water and then put cooked starch plus salt and MSG to taste lipstick sera
3. Kanji is cooled and then put the shrimp that has been refined into it and stir until blended
4. Cylindrical-shaped wrapped in banana leaves or plastic
5. Then steamed until cooked
6. Let cool for 3-4 days
7. Then sliced ​​thinly and dried in the sun to dry
8. This prawn crackers ready for frying.
Shrimp or Fish Crackers

Fish is a lot of food consumed by people other than as an export commodity. Fish experiencing rapid decay process compared with other food ingredients. Bacterial and chemical changes in the fish die cause decay. Quality of processed fish is highly dependent on the quality of raw materials.
Sign of a rotten fish:
A. dim eyes and sank;
2. gloomy and easily scales off;
3. dark skin color with thick mucus;
4. gills gray with thick mucus;
5. flabby abdominal wall;
6. Overall color dark and smelly.
Signs of fish that are still fresh:
A. chewy meat;
2. prominent clear eyes;
3. strong and shiny scales;
4. fins strong;
5. whole, including the brilliant color of the skin;
6. red gills;
7. a strong abdominal wall;
8. the smell of fresh fish.
Fish is one of the many sources of animal protein consumed by people, easily obtainable, and it's cheap. However fast the fish undergo a process of decay. Therefore, the preservation of fish necessary to know all walks of life. Preservation of fish has traditionally aimed to reduce the water content in the fish's body, so it does not provide the opportunity for bacteria to breed. To get the required high-quality preservation of good treatment during the preservation process such as: keep cleaning materials and equipment used, using the fish is fresh, clean, and salt. There are a variety of fish preservation, among other ways: salting, drying, pemindangan, perasapan, fermentation, and refrigeration of fish.
Fresh Fish composition per 100 grams Ingredients
Moisture content of 76.00
· Protein 17.00
· Fat 4.50
· Mineral and vitamin 2.52 to 4.50
From the above data, it can be seen that the fish has a high protein value, and low fat content, so many health benefits to the human body.
The benefits of eating fish are well known people, such as in Japan and Taiwanikan is the main food in the daily dish that gives the effect of youth and life expectancy is higher than other countries. Penggolahan fish in various ways and sense of causing people to consume more fish.
Shrimp or fish crackers are dry food products derived from shrimp or fish mixed with tapioca flour or wheat flour. Leather waste and shrimp head can be used for material for the paste and shrimp paste.
1) ¾ pounds fresh shrimp
2) Wheat flour 3 kg
3) tapioca flour ¾ kg
4) Garlic 60 grams (12 cloves)
5) Table salt 3 tablespoons
Bleng 3 tablespoons
1) The basin
2) Dandang
3) Equipment spice crusher (mortar)
4) Knives
5) Tampah (nyiru)
6) Stove
7) Laoyang
8) Wooden Spoon
9) Spoon Eating
1) Peel the shrimp, then discard the head and skin. Further washing with clean water;
2) Pound the shrimp until smooth;
3) Puree the garlic and salt, then mix with shrimp that have been mashed. Stir and knead until dough is blended into one;
4) Dissolve Bleng with hot water, then mix with the dough before;
5) Once well blended, add flour, tapioca flour, and water. Stir until a thick batter;
6) Pour the batter into the pan, then steamed until cooked and let cool;
Sliced ​​with a thick batter ~ 0.2 ± 0.1 mm, then the sun to dry.

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