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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


by Tarnizi, B.Sc. S. Pd
Aloe vera (Aloe vera) is very popular and has been known since lama Obat cross as many plants for kesehadan usefulness and beauty. Aloe is a genus / species of the Liliaceae family and siblings with asparagus, lily, sanseivera ordyline and more.
Aloe vera (Aloe vera L.) has a synonym of Aloe barbadensis and Aloe vulgaris Mill Lamk. Including Familia Liliaceae.
The herbal peracik know her name as Aloe vera Aloe simplicia.
Chemical content of Aloe vera Mucus Aloin, aloe-emodin. Mucus in the usefulness of plants, among others, de-worming, obatluka, peluruh sputum / cough medicine, Peluruh menses, laxatives, stop bleeding, hair careEyedrops,
Aloe vera in the future become a major component of eye drops. After the plant is through trials, ophtalmologist New Jersey USA, dr. Baron Neville called aloe vera extract eyedrops most efficacious in this 20th century. This drug was highly effective against microorganisms penyebalp eye infections. Greatest contribution of Aloe vera, as eye drops may be caused by its ability to absorb harmful ultraviolet rays so it acts like a "liquid lens" so DR.Neville Baron.
Tananan aloe vera plant belonging to the genus Aloe beraifat sikulen ie contain lots of water and dry like a place to live. He is originally from the deserts especially the Middle East Africa and the Americas. The leaves are grayish green leaves composed of a soft, fragile and contain lots of water such as agar-agar are light green, transparent.
Fleshy leaves with a pointed tip, 30-60 cm long with a rosette-shaped base made up badang circled. Lined up along the edges of leaves blunt thorns, he can grow in the lowlands up to 1000 meters above sea level. There are also several species that form the tree reaches 20 m, and can be found in the deserts of North Africa or the Americas.
The flowers are trumpet-shaped or small tube 2-3 cm long, yellow to orange colored, composed a little dangling circling the looming end of the shaft upward 30-100 cm long, striking and artistic.
Aloe barbadensis Miller is one of 200 types of Aloe that exist. Aloe vera plant widely cultivated as a food processing industrial estates, cosmetics and medicines. In the Rio Grande valley of Texas USA there are thousands of acres of aloe plantations.
In Asia, including Indonesia, known types of Aloe vera chinensis, which originated from China and India. This species is smaller in size with gray-green leaves and white spotty orange flowering. In Indonesia rarely seen flowering, because the climate is not suitable circumstances such as place of origin. But pretty good vegetative growth.Nutritious substances.
Chemical elements contained in the meat-like leaves of aloe vera gel, among others, lignin, saponins, anthraquinones, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars monosaccharides and disaccharides and polysaccharides, essential amino acids and secondary that can simultaneously be used for kesehadan body. They contain substances that can function as an ingredient cosmetics, medicines, and complementary gizip besides its ability to permeate the skin tissue and does not contain a toxin (poison).Usefulness
MOH inventory of chemical content in the mucus of aloe vera include aloin, aloe-emodin. Usefulness for de-worming, cure wounds, sputum peluruh, laxatives, stop bleeding, hair care. Aside from being a drug, is also toxic slime. In addition to aloe vera, it is also called jadam, while Aloe simplisianya name.
Aloe vera has been used for burns pengobadan, infekasi, constipation, poisoning, skin diseases, and insect bites. Jadam but also to cure asthma, coughs, sinus disorders, and eye diseases.Provision
Pick a few. Aloe vera leaves and cut the base of the leaves, clean the exterior, Pinch leaves from the tip to the base and the capacity of the mucus that comes out into the dish.
To make juice, simply peel the leaves from the base to the tip until wasted the entire skin, juice or mucus that had been taken was ready to be used as medicine, cosmetics, or for enhancing nutritionSecret beauty queen.
In addition to pongobatan these diseases, aloe vera who loved women, often associated with repellent benefits for acne, hair fertilizer, protective skin from sunburn.
How to use it, quite easily. For example, to cure wounds, simply by applying the mucus into the wound.
For hair fertilizer, enough with this mucus mongoleskan to the scalp, such as wearing hair oil and do 2 or 3 times a week.
Cleopatra, Queen Beauty of the Kingdom of Ancient Egypt, (about 4000 years ago) that's full of legendary, has momanfaatkan aloe vera. Kecantikkn queen's secret lies in the discipline of aloe vera juice to soak in a bath every time. It's known there are many plants in there.
This new plant extends to everywhere, since the 6th century through Persia. Deployment is carried out by Arab traders to India, Tibet, Malaysia and Indonesia. He. Indonesia is not the original tunbuhan. However, in Indonesia it is used in addition to medication, as well as for beauty, nutritional supplement, for ornamental plants are also quite beautiful. (Tarmizi, BSc, 2004)Reference

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