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Monday, August 23, 2010


Tarmizi, B. Sc, S. Pd

From 'Belly' of bees came out drink (honey) that bermcam color range, in which there is human manyembuhkan drugs. (Qs, 16: 69). If honey can heal the sick, whereas antagonistic toxins as it makes healthy people sick.
Who does not know honey? Almost all over the world, the MEN has known and felt the benefits. Never heard bad news about rmadu. Produced by the bee-type animals sistern cleanser with a neat community and high measurement. Honey does have things that are useful to humans.
If lowering the revelation of Allah al-Shifaa honey and the Prophet also requires the nature of the good believer like bees to honey, so many that need to be dug out of the gift of God on this one.
Substance content of honey
Honey has a beragarn odor and color, depending on plant species exploited by bees, although dernikian general ra sec contain the same substance.
Various organic acids such as malic acid, lactic, citric, tartaric, oxalic, protein is the vitamin content of honey. Also contains honey (in low levels) of vitamin A, B1, B2, C, folic acid and mineral-minerall Ca, P, No, Fe, Mg and others.
Enzymes that are prevalent in the nectar (of interest) such as arq1fase, diastase, catalase, matalase, and other beberapaerizim, there are also in honey, because it is absorbed by the le. Other content is a genius-type sugars (fructose highest).
Not only can dikonsurnsi honey as food, jam, or sweetener, but also commonly used as an antidote to the disease. Usefulness of medical, therapeutic, and for rain-owned beauty treatments honey caused by high nutrient content. So that can be safely consumed by infants or the elderly.
A great scientist in the past Hyppocrates Avicenna and Aristotle also revealed that honey has unique properties that martial arts can improve human strength and keep the 'ageless'. It is recommended that honey is consumed on a regular basis, so that can still work in old age. For patients with insomnia, sleep a little honey menielang-in rule would help relieve the pain. In children pernberian honey is useful to increase hemoglobin levels, let alone folatnya acid content affects the composition of the blood and increase the number of erimmit, so merlwrangi kernungkinan children affected by anemia. Sedlikitnya levels of iron in breast milk and has been solved by adding honey, baby food on the menu.
Honey also has a mild antibiotic power, because it is often used honey to treat burns (which closed after water is cleaned and compressed), mernar because pukuIan, as a disinfectant in the oral cavity and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth.
Anti-bacterial power has been proved by research Wotton et al (1978), namely that there are compounds similar to honey Lysozyme, known as Inhibin. Various microbes proved very sensitive to Inhibin, with notes gram-negative bacteria, is more sensitive than gram-positive.
Sugar content and high Levulosa honey is easily absorbed in the intestine, so the honey can act as a stimulant for digestion and to improve appetite. The ability of honey to help the process of digestion and absorption of food might be caused by Fe and Mn content, so that can even be used as a medicine constipation (constipation). .
Besides sugars and minerals in honey and minerals in honey can serve as
heart tonic, maybe that's why the past centuries honey has been used as a medicine such as heart disease and Cardiac Insofficiecy Angino Pactoris. According to the experts (including Colombo and Raff), consumption of 70 grams of honey, every day for 1-2 months by patients with severe heart, will result in improved conditions, characterized by a growing acceptance of normal blood and peningkaten tonus.
From the eyes down to the lungs, so a complete list of efficacy of honey. Komea ulcer disease in the eye and keratitis may be reduced with honey. Meanwhile in the lung disease (TB at initial level) the utilization of honey can ease the suffering from the disease.
Last but not least, honey is also a role for the cosmetics and beauty treatments. As a moisturizer to avoid dry lips and skin, or used as a mask for facial skin softness and smoothness is maintained.
Subhanallah, Glory to God that never in vain in the creation.
Honey is also an antidote for acute respiratory infections (ARI) such as influenza (the virus causes influenza type A, B and C). which is the most common diseases by pilgrims. No wonder if the honey is suggested to be one pilgrim health supplies. For the purposes of treatment, prevention or maintain the stamina to withstand strikes various illnesses, for adults is recommended to consume 100-200 grams of honey per day, and children 30-75 grams per day, can be taken directly or mixed with water as syrup , to jam on bread, or other foodstuffs.
Honey contains hydrogen peroxide radical compounds (H2O2) which is able to kill bacteria "evil" and other pathogenic microorganisms. The trick, these toxic compounds damaging reactive functional groups of biomolecules in bacterial cells "bad." However, because honey contains enzymes catalase, after poisoning bacteria "evil", with immediate overhaul of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.
Honey can be classified as acid foods because of its pH (acidity) was low, 3.1 to 4.2 so that was sour and the honey has a mild antiblotik power, often used to cure various burns and bruises because the blow.
Honey has a very hygroscopic properties, ie easy menverap from the surrounding water. When water levels rose, honey may be susceptible to fermentation. As a result, the honey will be damaged. The optimum fermentation temperature is 11-19 degrees Celsius. Because It is recommended untulk storing honey in the refrigerator at a temperature of 30-10 Celsius derjat. Honey can also absorb odors from its surroundings, therefore the storage of honey must be in containers with tight lid.
Giving honey to children is very important because honey contains folic acid, which is an acid that much effect on creatures that are growing. Therefore, honey may improve blood composition, increasing the level of haemoglobinnya (blood red substance).
. As a comparison, children who, given a normal eating without the honey, the content of haemoglobinnya only up to 4% during the 40 days.
In normal children are given meals and honey, then haemoglobinnya levels could rise to 23% at the same time interval.
Tarmizi, B. Sc, S. Pd / Padang State University

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