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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fennel plants

By Tarmizi, B.Sc., S.Pd

          Sweet fennel is not native to Indonesia. The Dutch called it Venkel Trubus no. 223 th. XIX p.269). This plant is said to come from Europe. Nevertheless growth in Indonesia has been quite widespread. Evident from the various names given to these Das Spicy Fennel (Aceh), Walasunga (Sumba) and still another series of regional names for this plant.The types of Fennel
Plants Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Miller) consists of two sub-species.Varieties that produce oil Fennel termasuk.dalam Capillaceum subspecies (Gallb) Homboe, and consists of 2 varietasp namely:Varieties vulgare (Miller) Thelling, which grows wild or cultivated intehsif. Ygng oil produced from the varieties of this plant is called Bitter fennel oil. Bitter Fennel plant species have been cultivated in plantations in Rumaniat Honga ria, Germany, Italy, India, Argentina, Jepangs and the United States. Fennel oil commercially's resultant fruit by way of distillation.Dulce varieties (Miller) Thelling, also called sweet cumin or anijs, intensifp and plants do not grow wild. This plant varieties menghasilknn Sweet Fennel oil also called Fennel oil Fennel oil Rumanin or French. The resulting oil daribuah menghsilkan most fragrant smell. (Introduction to Essential Oils Technology pages 346-347)Planting and Harvesting Fruit
Planting, Fennel traditionally in Indonesia can be produced in 2 ways with fennel seed sowing, which were old, or known by the term "Rindik". By the way, the mass spread around the plant mains.Treatment plants are relatively easy because the plants will grow on its own without special treatment.Plucking grain was first performed after 6 months old plants. Fennel plants are no longer productive at the age of about 2 years, so it must be replaced with the new plant.

Fennel fruit picking done before the seeds mature fully but it is quite hard and greenish-gray colored. The seeds were harvested immediately. dried or dried on the floor. Based on observations every 14 to 20 trees to produce 1 kg Fennel Fennel is dry. (Poster, No. 223 th. XIX p.26)Chemical composition
Fennel oil composition varies, and depends on the variety of plants and where plants grow. (Introduction to Essential Oils Technology p. 349-350)1.Minyak bitter fennel (Foeniculurn vulgare mill. Variety Thelling vulgare) The results from crops containing compounds: d-pinene, Camphene, d-α-phellandrena, dipentana, anethole, d-fenchone, estragol, foeniculin, aldehydes, ainilaldehid, and anesat acid. Compounding anethol utamq constituent in the oils of fennel, and fennel oil terdipat of wild plants .. Compounding sejanis ketone fenchone is that smells like camphor and cause a bitter taste in Fennel oil obtained from wild plants. Methyl compounds cavicol or estragol menyababkan Fennel oil distinctive odor, which is different from the odor compounds anethol.Anesat acids contained in oil Fennel, Anise oil is a result of oxidation of anethol.Fennel Fennel oil from wild plants contain compounds anethol Oalam a very small amount. The main components of the oil is d-.L-phellandren. In addition there are other chemical compounds, such as pinene, anethol (the amount is very small) fenchone, methyl cavicon,, seskwiterpene, theymol, hidroluwinon (C10H1402), fenilalkohol. Fennel oil contains anethol Spain and estragol each with levels of 27 and 34.4 percent.
Sweet Fennel oil is also called sweet cumin, Fennel oil Fennel oil Roman or French, the oil comes from the fruit crop of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill. Varietds Dulce Bert). Chemical components in the oil-phellandren consists of d, d-limonendan anethol sweet smelling. Because it contains large amounts anethol da lam, and not mengandunfg fencone compounds. High-quality fennel oil is usually produced from sugar minyak.Adas types.The nature of physics, chemistry Sweet Fennel oil by Hoffmen (Introduction to Essential Oils Technology p. 351)CharacteristicsValueSpecific gravity at 150C0.976 to 0.980Optical rotation+ 50-160301Freezing point+ 100 to 4.500Usefulness of Sweet FennelSweet fennel has many kegunaans able to fragrances, food and drinks, for flavoring food, to perfume, herbs for traditional and modern.
Limonene The juga.dikandung the fennel oil has properties that are not less, important. Limonene flavor is delicious but a bit piercing, can merangasang mucous membrane in the organ, kitat body including the intestinal wall. So that the oil contains limonene Fennel is used a lot of people as a cure flatulence.
That it contains anethol the fruit causes the distinctive aroma of Fennel issue. So much for the use of: a mixture of love potions to drink. Is also efficacious sebagni Anethol cerminntve (penghalau gas from the stomach and intestines). Therefore, the fennel is also often used as a remedy colds, upset stomach due to wind, diarrhea due to wind and water peluruh Sahl. Besides anise aroma is also widely used as a food flavoring or fragrance. The remaining fennel fruit extracts can also be used as fodder A good nutritional value because it contains, 4 sam1pel. 22% protein and 1.2 to 18.5% fat.
Examples of the use of fennel as a cure colds0.5 teaspoons fennel, ginger 0.75 Jari, fragrant lempuyang O, 25 fingers, bangle, third finger, kencur 3/4 finger and brown sugar to taste. Boiled with water until ¾ ¾ cup her for a drink. Drink 3 times a day until healed. (Trubus.No.223 Th. XIX, p.269)Physical and chemical properties of bitter fennel oil (Oil of 'Bitter Funnel)
Bitter fennel oil obtained from plant tissue, fennel, has the following properties if harvested when the fruit growth period sometimes easy to freeze, because it contains small amounts anethol. If the fruit becomes ripe anethol sometimes increased, so picking the fruit should be done, on a fairly old age.Physical, chemical and oil. Fennel is analyzed in the laboratory Fritsche Brothers, IngCharacteristicsValueSpecific gravity at 150C0.961Optical rotation+15001Refractive index at 200C1.5320Freezing point+6.20Solubility at 200Cturbid in 80% alcohol volume 7-10soluble in 90% alcohol volume of 0.5 to 1(Introduction to the Petroleum Technology. Essential, hal.350)
Refining old enough seed yield of oil produces about 0.7%, while seed yield yang.masih.muda produces only about 0.5%.Physical and chemical properties of Sweet Fennel Oil (Foeculum vulgare varieties Bert)
Fruit yield of oil produced around 2.5 to 3.0%. It smells sweeter, because high-yield and does not contain anethol fencone.http://tarmiziblog.blogspot.comPosted by Plant Medicine and Science at 10:09

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