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Friday, July 30, 2010


KAYU BULAN untuk asma, bengkak, bisul, penebalan kulit, mata ikan (clavus), dan sering kencing

Oleh Tarmizi, BS.c, S.Pd

Kayu bulan dengan nama ilmia Pisonia alba Span termasuk familia Nyctaginaceae. Ada orang yang menyebutnya sebagai kol banda dan di Sulawesi disebut kayu kulo, sedangkan nama asingnya koolboom.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MEDICINE AS A FRUIT Pineapple diphtheria, roundworms, Male sterility, carrot salad, AND QUICK tired

MEDICINE AS A FRUIT Pineapple diphtheria, roundworms, Male sterility, carrot salad, AND QUICK tired
by Tarmizi, BSc, S. Pd

If we're talking about fruit, we imagine that the fruit was the result of the plant, either in the form of trees, or herbaceous stem. Most fruits are round to oval, taste sour, sweet, bitter, chocolate or a mixture of various flavors. In general, fruits can be eaten, but not all fruits are eaten by humans. What for example? Baby, clothes fruit, fruit of your hands? possible, but there is no real fruit eaten, because the harsh or toxic, possibly because it is not good.
Another name for Pineapple

Pineapple (Ananas comosus Merr) belonging to the family Bromeliaceae, which in Sumatra called ekahauku, anes, nas, henas, Kenaz, honas, Annas, gona, ASIT, masit, enas, kanas, pineapple, naneh, kanyas and nyanyas. In Java, called danas, malignant, pineapple and Sweet potato weevils, while in Kalimaantan as kanas, samblaka, Malacca, uro usan, usan wood, wood ujan and teens. In Nusatenggara called manas, pineapple, Aruna, fanda pandal, panda java, nana, peda, anana, swords, or nanasi parangena, in Sulawesi as tuis Mongondow, na'asi, nanasi, tuis, ne tuis walanda, foam, nut, nanati , lalato, views, crazy, ekam, hedan, esne and ngewu. People call it ai rice embarrassment, than bababa, kai rice, bankalo, kampora, kanasoi, anasu, banggala, Bangkala, kai Nasu, kambala, Kampala, arnasinu, kanasi, kurnasin, Mangala, nanasi, nanasu, anasul, kalnasi, nanaki and pineapple .
The figure of pineapple plants
Pineapple allegedly originated from the valley of the river Parana-Paraguay, South America, form a strong herb, with fleshy leaves, spiny pseudo pseudo, containing sugar, bromelain and vitamin C, with a crude Fructus Ananas, pineapple.
Usefulness pineapple
Peluruh nutritious ripe pineapple urine (diuretic), blood cleanser (depuratif) and appetite enhancer (stomatik). Meanwhile, young pineapple nutritious boost digestive enzymes (ateratif), worm medicine and purgative (purgatif), while its leaves for fever (anestesik). Please note, that pregnant women should not eat pineapple young, dangerous to the pregnancy.
Pineapple is sweet and sour, sour as vitamin C and sweet as glucose and fructose slightly. Besides, it also contains bromelain, an enzyme breaker proteins. The nature of protein-solver is used to soften the tough meat. In addition to denature proteins, bromelain also breaks down protein from the body of germs, including the body of Corynebacterium diphtheriae, which is also in the form of plasma cell proteins. That is why the bromelain in pineapple juice is anti inflammatory, because it can destroy germs that cause inflammation.
If your child has a fever his body, then looks swollen throat was inflamed, that's the sign he was attacked by the bacteria of the throat. Among these may be attacked by diphtheria bacteria. Bacteria, Corynebacterium diphtheriae, attacked the duty to protect mucous membranes of the throat area. Bacteria were spread toxins that can attack the entire body.
Actually this disease is more often attack children than adults. but because children generally have routinely immunized with injections of DPT (diphtheria, and typhoid paratifus) in compulsory school, it is usually not attacked. But who knows, one day he was attacked as well? He should be immediately taken to the doctor. In an emergency and temporary protection, these diseases can be commuted by drinking pineapple juice.
Drug diphtheria
Diphtheria disebababkan by the bacillus is transmitted through saliva spray directly. Target adaIah diphtheria mucous membranes in the nasal cavity, and pharynx sura rope.
People affected by diphtheria usually experience these things: shortness of breath because the clogged by lenders, throat pain when swallowing anything, increased body temperature, and decreased appetite, body weakness.
Treatment as follows:
The ripe fruit peeled, washed and grated, then squeezed juice. Better not to mix the waste is filtered. It is used to extract rinsed her mouth and throw out, then the remaining pineapple juice to drink. Do it three times a day, every drink need a half cup of pineapple juice
Provide a ripe pineapple, peeled and crushed or ground in a blender and then disraing water. Berkumulah with pineapple juice of the ripe fruit during the three minutes
Roundworm drugs
The existence of worm bracelet in the body can be seen from the symptoms. Decreased appetite, seizures and abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, body lean, pale face and belly fat, when shortness of breath.
A young pineapple already large peeled and grated. Give two tablespoons of honey, juice and filtered water. This juice drink once a day. This medicine should not be taken by pregnant women.
Male sterile
Often when a child can not go after the old family, who were accused only of barren istrilah. But after being checked and if sisuami barren say, then do a variety of businesses. Among others by following the traditional ingredients.
Pineapple hearts blended or blend so obtained ½ cup juice. Sledri 20 grams of finely chopped leaves. Crushed pineapple sledri with heart squeezed and filtered for drinking. Add brown sugar to taste and drink at bedtime. Pray that you get good offspring.
Carrot salad
This salad is intended for mothers who have given birth. If you are diligent eating this salad then two months later the results would be perceived as a herbal extract of the meeting.
Provide the following materials: babal or nipple jackfruit two pieces, one nipple young coconut fruit, the young bark 5 fruit, banana or banana guajava s epiderm first stone fruit, a young pineapple fruit, fruit 1-3 chilies, palm sugar or brown sugar to taste. All material is washed and dfijadikan salad. May also dijuice if you prefer. Usually eaten as salad or when blended drink during daylight hours. Do twice a week.
Quick tired
Follows nutritious juice removes fatigue, fast gluttonous, lethargic, lethargy and heart palpitations and was often forgotten.
200 cc of fresh liquid milk, pineapple 100 grams, 75 grams sledri, 1 teaspoon honey. Pineapple and sledri washed and juiced, enter the fresh milk and honey. Stir well and drink.
Drugs KB
20 grams of betel leaves, 5 grams jenitri, and 5 grams of wood meeting ground. A young pineapple fruit, a fruit that has been squeezed lime dicampukan to the material that had been crushed. Black sticky rice eaten with tapai by women who were family planning in the afternoon.
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By: Tarmizi, BSc, S. Pd

Unlike the single aim of modern medicine, the mysterious compound in onions function more as a panacea (mangkus) that counteract the destruction of cells.
Belong to the onion Family: Liliaceae. Scientific name: Allium cepa L. Onion names according to region: Sumatra: onions brotherly ruby, Pia, onion brother, barambang sirah, red garlic, onion and torches. Java: onion beureum, brambang, onion brother, bhabangmera. Nusatenggara: jasun bang, laisona pilas, kalpenomeh. Sulawesi: jantuna, mopura, bawangi, lasuna spell, lasuna blemish. Maluku: Kosai miha, take, take roriha.
Gynecology chemistry
Onion contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals, and compounds that function as anti-mutagen and anti-carcinogens. Less attention because these compounds have no nutritional value at all and are found in very limited number of bags. Although beitu, these compounds potentially physiologically.
Shallot not as a main source of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals. However, the potential of this product is not less important than other agricultural products. The shallot is an agricultural commodity ang contains a lot of water, dimanaairnya approximately 80-85%.
Of every 100 grams of onion water content reaches 80-85 g, protein 1.5 g, 0.3 g fat, 9.3 g. carbohydrates The other component is 50 IU of beta carotene, thiamine 30 mg, 0.04 mg riboflavin, niacin 20 mg, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 9 mg. Minerals such as potassium 334 mg, 0.8 mg iron, phosphorus 40 mg, and produces 30 calories of energy.
This plant grows throughout Indonesia, especially in the mountains, the everyday is known as a seasoning for cooking, both in Indonesia and other countries in the world. In addition to seasoning, onion has long been used for the treatment of the family.
Ancient Egyptians had known since the 5000 onion years. Shallot is a material known as a cold medicine since centuries. In addition, red onion to function kills bacteria that cause disease Entamuba coli and salmonella.
From the research shows that onions can lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood. Can also inhibit thrombocyte enumpukan. In addition onion can enhance the activity, thus fibriolitik expedite the flow of blood. No less important onion-zation can memobi cholesterol from where penimbunannya.
With the influence of this kind of onion can happen on one's meneka disease mnis urinary complications, like heart disease, gangrene and other diseases.
According to the MOH in the Book of Medicinal Plants of Indonesia, onion bulbs with a bulb cepae Alii contain essential oils, siklo aliin, metilaliin, dihidroaliin, kaemferol, fluroglusin.
In onion there are ties in the amino acid that has no smell, no colored and soluble in water. Association of amino acids is called aliin. Where these compounds can be transformed into alicin. Together with thiamine (vitamin B), may establish allitiamin alicin, compound formation and this proved to be more easily absorbed by the body than viamin B itself. Degan Thus, vitamin B alicin can make more efficiently utilized by the body.
Compounds that are bactericidal and fungicidal also allegedly contained in the oil, onion Attrition. According to the MOH in the Book of Medicinal Plants of Indonesia, onion bulbs with a bulb cepae Alii useful to stimulate the digestive enzymes, drug injuries, peluruh urine, sputum peluruh / cough medicine, peluruh menstruation, and diabetes medications.
• 5 garlic cloves and shallots 5 cloves of finely pounded. Take three kampong chicken egg yolk. All ingredients mixed and cooked by steaming or steamed. Eaten every morning for a month.
Stuep / seizures
To avoid the child not to get caught if he was in a state stuep heat, try to go to toilet regularly, or if a fever make sure that he can pee and sweat as much. Avoid windy or wind-up motor vehicles and do not surprise her.
• If seizures occurred with fever, then the head of the child is washed down with cold water or ice water or compressed with a given red onion vinegar. Her feet are soaked in warm water. To revive him, tetesilah tongue with onion water. Note the correct part of his teeth, not to bite his own tongue. To that can be propped his tongue with a spoon or cloth.
5 grams of red onion, chili / chilli 15 grams, five grams kawak acid, pepper 10 grams, five grams of palm sugar, 7 grams of table salt. All the materials are finely ground into chili sauce. Also Boil spinach until ¾ cooked sufficiently. Eat spinach with chilli and rice. Hopefully, your blood pressure rose again to normal!
Children bloating / colds
• 1 clove of garlic and onion 1 clove crushed together. Add seven drops of oil, stir again. Apply on the stomach of the child. If there is eucalyptus oil or oil candidate, also may be blended so that the outcome could have.
Reference: Trubus Magazine July 1991; Magazine Indonesian Medical Association 1986; Bulletin N0.11 Kimima Farma 1981; Magazine Panasea No. 86 July 1994, Healing with medicinal plants, 2002, Herb heaven, 1997, Indonesian medicinal plants, 1985.

Red Onion
Red onion (Allium ascolanum) including spare Lilianceae very much his role primarily as an ingredient in cooking usage, where the onion can function as source of the aroma and flavoring dishes very important. This is due to onion has a specific taste and smell that comes from the dikanduagnya etiris oil that is as fast allil prophyl disulfide evaporates. Besides the red onion is also a drug
Onion crop comes from West Asia which is the Palestinian entry into Indonesia from India, Kapat diketabui entry into Indonesia is not yet clear. In outline known two types of onions are ordinary onions (Allium ascolanum) and red onion or shallot onions actually (Allium cepa). Allium ascolonicum Blambangan known as onion is a type of onion that has been widely used.
Onion is classified as a division-phyta spermatho, sub division angiospermae, monokotiledon class, order liliaces, family Liliaceae, and allium spises ascolonicum.
Growing Place the red onion
According Suryatna Effendi to the growth of a plant in addition to the genetic composition also depends on soil and climatic conditions, Although humans have not, can change ikling except at the boundaries tertontu but able to manage its operations to match the climate of his farming is available. Add more onion kel.embaban climate requires a high at the beginning of growth and dry conditions and high temperatures on manaknyat period.
Red onions can be planted with either the plateau region, but generally good lebib lowland areas to a height of 30 meters from the sea surface because the air temperature tiggi. In an agrarian action Kanisas found that onion plants can live either in high or low lying areas. Altitude from the sea surface ranges from 000-800 meters.
According Samsudin during growth of onion plants need a wet and dry periods alternate each other. When circumstances sufficient irrigation water available shallots should be done in the dry season, because of foggy weather and rain caused perkembanganya much longer and more active disease. In general, the onion plants are not resistant to the dense, the optimum annual precipitation 100-200 ml / month. Temperature for growth of 15-35 degrees.
Chemical Composition
Jenis.sayuran onion is very easy to be planted and reared. In onion there are many substances that are needed by the body as calories, protein, fat, calcium, and others. Chemical composition of onion can be seen in the following table.
Kolori: 39 cal
Protein: 1.5 grams
Carbohydrates: 0.2 grams
Calcium: 36 mg
Phosphorus: 40
0.03 mg vitamin
Vitamin C 2 mg
Water 88 mg
Fat 0.3 mg
Pectin is generally found in primary cell walls of plants, especially on the sidelines between the cellulose and hemi cellulose. Pectin compound also functions as an adhesive between the cell wall to one another. Section between two adjacent cell walls are called lamela middle.
As a composer plant tissue, pectin substances responsible for most of the hardness and texture of fruits and vegetables. Tissue softening of fruits during ripening, the destruction of the stability Icoloid fruits pekatan changes often caused by changes in pectin substances. As additives, pectin and gel forming thickener is very valuable.
Pectin is generally composed of various carbohydrate compounds. consists primarily of polysaccharide compounds consisting of acid units connected by D galakturonat 1-4 glucoside bonds, galakturonat acid is a derivative of galactose.
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WHITE DELIMA As Drug: whitish, measles

by Tarmizi, BSc, S. Pd

White pomegranate (Punica granatum), including families Punicaceae, with the name Granati Cortex bulbs for white pomegranate bark. White pomegranate in Sumatra also known as the Mecca glineu glima, dalimo, ende lime, while in Java called dlima, gangsalan and dhalima, while in Nusatenggara as jeliman, talima, con lae lok, leo Kase, and rumau.
Content and usefulness
Pomegranates contain alkaloids, tannins and sugars. Bark or root bark peluruh efficacious as sputum, laxative, pengelat. While the leaves are nutritious for peluruh menstruation.
Drug measles
Measles or branch disease often attacks children under 10 years old. The signs can be seen with sudden fever, coughing and sneezing, suffering from the disease four days, his fever rose and red spots arise on the skin.
The skin of a pomegranate that has parents and two kendal skin stem length 8 cm respectively, washed, cut into small pieces and then boiled with water to drink five glasses. Let boil until the water is staying half, chill. Strain and mix with a little honey before drinking. Drink a glass three-quarters, do it three times a day.

Whitish can be experienced by women who have married or not married women. Marked with whitish discharge through hole pubic white viscous liquid. Not infrequently these disorders accompanied with itching in genitalia and unpleasant-smelling whitish fluid.
Leucorrhoea may be caused by inflammation as well as tool-sex hormone estrogen disorders, in addition to the possibility due to psychological factors.
• 30 grams of dried pomegranate skin and 30 grams of bitter boiled with water until the remaining 600 cc 300 cc, and the water is diminurn while warm. do two times a day.
Meeting Abstract
5 grams cumin, turmeric 15 grams, 10 grams of crushed pomegranate flowers together. Pour ¾ cup hot water. Add the fruit juice of one lemon. After mixed drink before dinner. Do it every other day.

Herbal powerful each moment
Pomegranates are not quite ripe one or two fruit and palm sugar as necessary. To get squeezed pomegranate ½ cup water. If not enough water may be added more fruit. Add palm sugar and heat over low heat, stirring frequently, such as making porridge, then looked like a honey concoction. After a cold drink. Do it every day. This herbal medicine is only for husbands who are available every day to serve his wife. Do not misused! Good luck!
(Tarmizi, BSc, S. Pd / State University of Padang)
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Fruit Juices for Colon Cleansing

Carrot Juice and Fruit Juices for Colon Cleansing
By Tarmizi, B. Sc, S. Pd

First, parents are familiar with the term cathartic. These days more people know him as colon cleansing (colon cleansing). Various types of cancer can be ditangkal with this effort.
Did you know that inside the body there are a lot of mucus that blocks the blood circulation, which can impede the healing process during illness?
Mucus-mucus in the body that happens because we eat slimy foods like cheese, butter, rice, dairy, animal products, salt, sugar, white flour, and so forth. Mucus-mucus needs to be cleared from the body to keep you healthy.
Nutrition doctor, DR. Dr. Walujo Soerjodibroto, Ph.D., says that if we have been accustomed since childhood mengasup fibrous food, mucus-mucus was not going there. This new layer of mucus may be loose if we do colon cleansing (colon cleansing) on a regular basis. How, other than using laxatives, can also do therapy with grape juice. "In this therapy is recommended to consume grapefruit juice every four hours, reducing the consumption of protein and fat, and increase consumption of fiber from vegetables and fresh fruit," explained Dr. Walujo.
Some types of cancer can be cured like breast cancer, prostate, and more. "The Healing This course will happen only if patients adhere to the schedule recovery programs, in addition to maintaining protein and fat consumption to no exaggeration," he said.
Carrot (Daucus carota) is a tuber vegetable crops in the form of annual grasses. Carrots are also called carrot, carrots, and wortal bortol. Trunk short, single roots which then changes shape and function to round and elongated tubers. This thin-skinned tuber carrots and yellow kemerahmerahan. It was sweet and delicious eaten raw directly.
Uses Carrot
Carrot is a vegetable that is in addition to the dual function cooking juice also has efficacy as a medicine to cure various diseases. For food that is processed into vegetable soup, capcai, pecel, pickles, fresh vegetables, stew and others. As a medicine, the raw juice drink, can be used to treat various diseases like high blood pressure, indigestion, colitis, allergies, cancer and others.
Chemical composition of carrot
Carrots with a crisp taste, slightly sweet and good to eat them raw straight, has a color of reddish tuber which contains various substances with the composition as shown in the table.
Chemical Composition Tables Carrots
Kinds of content, the amount of content in 100 grams
Vitamin A 12 000 IU (International Units)
6:10 g vitamin B
6.10-2 g of vitamin C
093 mg fat
Proteins 1, 2 mg
9.3 g carbohydrate
Calcium 0938 mg
Phosphorus 0.37 mg
0:08 Iron mg
Calories 42 calories
Source: Composition of nutrients and food Dr.K.Mien praised Indonesia, 1990.
Type Type Carrots
Carrot (Daucus carota), including into umbelifloral family that is a plant that has a flower arrangement shaped like an umbrella. Carrots can be distinguished based on shape into three types: 1. Type Imperatur. 2. Type Chantenay. 3. Nantes type.
Type Imperatur have elliptical bulb and a pointed tip (cone shaped). Type Chantenay has a bulb-shaped elliptical and blunt ends, which considered this type usually does not have the root fibers. Nantes has a bulb-shaped type of transition from the second type above.
Among the three types above, the carrot is the most preferred type tuber Chantenay because the flavor is sweeter than the others.
Original Shape Foods
The human body can be likened to a car engine that needs fuel, so they require food and drink that right. This slimy foods needed as one body fuel because it contains protein and karbohodirat.
However, because of bad fat content in meat that tends to inhibit blood circulation, Dr. Norman Walker, in his book, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices What's Missing in Your Body, said that the need to eat foods in the form seasli possible. In other words, back to nature so much better.
Prof. nutritionists. Dr. Nainggolan, author of Natural Healing with Juices, said that the substances the body needs such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes are sufficient in fruits, grains, and vegetables. Only, because vegetables and food that is cooked, especially with high temperature, nutritious substances contained in them may be lost or disappear, although not entirely. "Approximately 60 to 70 percent can lose nutrients when cooked," he said. Warming of more than 45 degrees Celsius can cause damage proteins and enzymes in vegetables and groceries. This is unfortunate because the enzyme is important in many bodily functions.
In the book The Complete of Juicing, Dr.. Michael T. Murray's, a nutritionist from Seattle, Washington, wrote that the enzyme is a powerful protein that plays an important role as a catalyst or an introduction in almost all activities and biochemical reactions in the body that amounted to hundreds of thousands. "Optimal health depends on enzymes that can do the job well. With the return seasli foods as possible, we do not always lack the enzyme. If the deficiency, it can become a serious problem," he said.
Taken directly
Before you start trying to do the cleaning, it is useful to understand the question of juice. In making the juice was not just sublimate away fruits or vegetables into the blender machine. Dr. Michael reveals four things to keep in mind in making the juice:
Juicer blender is not the same. If you want to have fiber, use a blender, while to get the juices without pulp, juice, use a juicer.
How to drink the juice, may be taken alone or mixed with other ingredients so delicious. For the less tasty juice, mixed with carrots, apples, or strawberries. Can also add a little honey. Since this is for the treatment and cleansing the body, the juice should be drunk is not mixed with water.
Drink the juice immediately after being served, the longest six hours are stored in the refrigerator.
We Clean Up
To rid the body of mucus-mucus that inhibits blood circulation, although probably the first time was difficult, Professor. Nainggolan suggest we should not eat anything, like a true vegetarian adherents. The goal, the body clean so that we get the freshness. "They are used as a normal body fat, and the lean was also made of normal height. For those who have suffered stomach and intestines, it is recommended to consume foods such as regular fixed by adding the number of fruits and vegetables into the menus, "he said.
The tips below are excerpted from his paper, Preventing and Curing Diseases with Fruit and Vegetables. He did not recommend the kids to try these tips because they're still in growth phase. (Donny Anggoro, 2003)
First Day
In the morning at around 6:00, drink papaya juice or two glasses of 1.5. Time to drink, should be rinsed her mouth first so the juice mixes with saliva. So that there are fibers, may also eat a carrot in the middle of the day.
Second Day
Same with the first day, drink papaya juice in the morning. In the daytime also may eat one carrot sticks. On the second day is recommended to drink as much olive oil 1 teaspoon three times a day followed by drinking carrot juice.
Third Day
Same with the second day. At this time your body is cleansed. Symptoms that may be felt during the cleaning, it is definitely you feel hungry and will probably feel pain in the area being cleaned. If it hurts, it was a sign that a lot of mucus that must be removed from the body.
Fourth Day
Forward with carrot juice and juice are allowed plus fruits and vegetables, other vegetables like cauliflower, tomatoes, celery, green pepper, lettuce, onions, and others. This raw fruit is cut into small pieces, mixed, then put a little salt or soy sauce. No need any type of meal, but mixing them just three or four types of meal. In order to feel good, provided always the carrot, tomato, and pineapple.
Fifth day onwards
Just a little rice to eat as a food supplement. Do not forget to subtract the cooked food.
Tenth Day
On this tenth day you may return to normal eating patterns. Forward mengasup juice and raw foods also.
For more details, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, follow the menu as follows:
1. Breakfast:
Fruits in season, three or four kinds, plus chopped honey. Eating while drinking juice along with carrots, beets, carrots and cucumbers with a composition of 75 percent, beets and spinach as much as 25 percent in one glass.
2. Lunch:
Two apples, grapes, or bananas plus celery, spinach, lettuce, watercress, and carrots.
3. Dinner:
Three kinds of fruits like pineapple, papaya and mango or fruit in season, plus carrot juice or mixed, such as carrots and celery.
Reference: (Sakidja, MS, 1989);. (Winarno, 1984);. (McWilliam, M. 1971);. (Hulme.AC 1970);. (Meyer, LH 1971);. (Dr.K.Mien praised , 1990);. (Donny Anggoro, 2003).
(Tarmizi, B. Sc, S. Pd / State University of Padang)
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Latuik-latuik or Ciplukan

Latuik-latuik aka Ciplukan drug jaundice, epilepsy, difficulty urinating, fever, and blood pressure control,

Ciplukan Pysalis angulata grows wild on the muddy ground in the fields, the home page and other places to a height of 1800 above sea level. This plant shrubs with a height of 75 cm or more. Single leaves are notched. The flowers yellowish white, the leaves appear in the armpit. Bell-shaped fruit contains five sweet and sour taste. Ciplukan bell-shaped fruit is often enjoyed by a shepherd in the village.
Various designation
Physalis angulata who have a scientific name Physalis minima synonym of L, in Sumatra diebut: boda leaves, leaf-Kapo Kapo, leaf-Lato lato; leaf-latuik latuik (Minangkabau). Java named: cecendet, cecendet turmeric, cecenet (Sunda), Physalis angulata, cecendet cows, cecendet China (Java), Major-yoran (Madura), keceplokan (Kangean); Nusa Tenggara: questionnaire, keceplokan, (Bali), musk (Sasak ); Sulawesi: Ieletokan (Minahasa); Maluku: lopunorat (Tanimbar & Seram), dagameme (Ternate); Melayu: Physalis angulata.
Its foreign name: Morel berry (English)
Levels of the chemical
Leaf-latuik latuik (Minangkabau) that contain saponin, flavonoida, polyphenols, citric acid, and fisalin. This content is obtained from the results of the research group of chemistry students at State University of Padang in the course Chemical nature of organic materials in 1999.
Flavonoid content acts to lower blood pressure. Crushed leaves used as boreh ciplukan on wounds, sores or ulcers. Squeezes ciplukan with fennel leaves pulasari, betel leaf, salt, and oil is used to treat a hand or foot sprain. Water steeping the leaves used to cure gonorrhea. (SB & Evy Nyuwan Syariefa, 2002).
Patients with jaundice, epilepsy, and difficult urination ciplukan treated with fruit. Ciplukan it is a diuretic, but if worn causing excessive drinking. Steeping roots beneficial reduce fever. (R Broto Sudibyo, 2002).
Blood pressure control
Three complete plant trees ciplukan washed and boiled with three glasses of water. Let boil and remaining 1 cup water. A thick stew of water and this bitter drink two times a day.
A complete plant trees ciplukan washed and boiled with three glasses of water. Let boil and remaining ½ cup water. Water decoction is drunk at once or two times a day. It also routinely ciplukan eating fruit that tastes sweet.
Potion on the experience gained from Ny.Kinem in Wonogiri. After two months of consuming the drug, headaches and aching in the back of his neck disappeared. His blood pressure was initially 240, when checked at a local health center, it drops to a normal 130/80 mm Hg. While it is healed, he still consumes stew Physalis angulata.
Drug jaundice
In April 2005, the writer met a mother (Ida, 45 years) at the Post Office Siteba Padang. At that time he sent a small box of dried herbs for children in Batam. After the writer asked, apparently drug-containing leaf latuik latuik with pearl flowers dry.
"Both the dried plant (leaves and flowers latuik latuik-pearl) is required each handful, boiled with 5 cups of water until terisa two glasses. Drunk two times a day. The potion used to cure my son (age 15 years) begins to show healing results with this herb, "Clearly, Mrs. Ida. (Tarmizi, B. Sc, S. Pd / State University of Padang)
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Sarankan terjemahan yang lebih baik

Sidukung Anak

By Tarmizi, BSc, S. Pd

Meniran or Sidukung anak (Phylanthus aurinaria L.) is the wild plants as weeds promising potential as a traditional medicine which is very valuable. Our ancestors already use it as a remedy kidney stone shock, fever, antidiarrheal, facilitator of urine, gout, constipation, and pain relievers.
In Java, people familiar with this plant with green meniran, memeniran and meniran temporary because the fruit of groats, sidukung serdangkan in Sumatra as a child. Perhaps because the fruit hanging on the midrib of leaf (similar to fruit katu), seem to be picked up or supported. The herbal medicine called peracik
Herba Phillanthy to plant sidukung children (meniran) completely.
The figure of plants
Sidukung children (meniran) is a wild plant as a shrub with leaves neatly, petai finned China even as the leaves. Shape leaves rounded ovate to elongate. Size small leaves with rounded or pointed tip. Lower leaf surface freckled, berkelenjar. This plant is only about 30-40 cm high. Trunked soft, branched disperse.
At one plant sidukung children (meniran) there is no female flowers at the base of the leaf, while male flowers at the tip of the leaf consists of 2-3 florets. Flower shape is round.
Similar fruit berkatup box three, slippery. The size of groats (broken rice), 0.2 to 0.25 cm in diameter.
Two types
These wild plants scattered in the garden, lawn, curb, gutter edges, and near a landfill. Distribution covers the entire tropical region ranging from lowland to highland around 1500 m above sea level.
Based on the color of plants of this meniran aka sidukung children can be divided into two species, namely sidukung children (meniran) red and sidukung children (meniran) green. Both are considered distance-jarakan Euphorbiaceae family.
Sidukung children (meniran) red (Phyllanthus aurinaria) trunked red. When ripe fruit, flowers anthers will be broken crosswise. While sidukung children (meniran) green (Phyllanthus niruri) trunked green. When ripe fruit, flower heads will be broken by stretching.
Drug ingredient used for all parts of plants, roots, and leaves. The fresh material obtained aerated until dry (in the shade) before mixing drugs used sebgai materials. It was a bitter, slightly sour, cool.

Nutritious substances
The decoction of this plant taste bitter, because the content of nutritious substances, among others Filantin, hipofilantin, potassium salt. Javanese people call meniran green, or meniran memeniran. The child support, including families Euphorbiaceae. Nutritious crops throughout the menstrual sebagaipeluruh, peluruh sputum / cough medicine, peluruh urine and appetite enhancer. (MOH, 1985)
Sidukung children (meniran) as the medicine according to Sri Yuliani and Hernani from Balitro (Research Institute for Spice and Medicinal Plants) kimuia compounds contain alkaloids, saponins, glycosides, flavonoida, tannins, and other substances are efficacious drugs. While other researchers meniran contain substances called filantin, hipfilantin, potassium, tannin, resin.
Tanin as antidiarrheal effect. Potassium is a diuretic and shock kidney stones. Alkaloids, saponins, glucoside, flavanoida, influenced by certain pharmacological.
Sidukung depth research on the effect of children (meniran) to a disease not much, but these plants as ingredients of traditional medicine has long been in Indonesia and China.
Drug ingredient
As a medicinal herb ingredients, the sinshes sidukung prefer to use children (meniran) red. Simplisianya better known as zhen zhu CAO. Material was used to cure kidney inflammation, infection salurankencing, appetite enhancer children, peluruh sputum, peluruh menstruation, cure dysentery and mouth sores.
Diuretics and gout drug
To alleviate urination and gout can be used ingredients consist of 4-5 child sidukung leaf midrib (meniran) along leaf cat whiskers (Orthosiphon grandiflora) is the same lot. Material was boiled in a glass of water (220 ml) to stay a half. After the winter may be drunk, do it two times a day.
Malaria drugs
Clean the leaves of the half-cell and supporting children with three glasses of boiled water. Boil down until the water is staying half. Cool and strain, drink 3 times daily.
Gonorrhea drug
Take three-quarters of children sidukung then wash the leaves, then boiled with water to as many as four glasses. Bring to a boil and allow it to stay three-quarters of its water. Cool and filtered. mix with a little sugar and drink it, do it three times a day.
Drug fester
Fester can be known from the symptoms, namely fever and hot, swollen skin around the wound, when the wound-dite, it will come out pus. To treat it follow the traditional recipe follows.
Handheld leaf sidukung Gilinglah half of children (meniran buffalo) after washing. Once refined, squeezed with a tablespoon of salt water. Then rubbed on the wound to fester. Done properly treated, the wound should be bandaged. Pakaialah this medicine twice a day.
Gastritis drug
Petiklah sidukung child leaves three quarters and then washed and boiled cell with three glasses of water. Let continue to boil until the live tigaperempatnya. Cooking water is filtered and taken with pure honey. Drink this herbal medicine three times a day, every three-quarters cup.
Skin disease drug
Leaves and stems sidukung children (meniran) which can be crushed and used as a poultice to treat skin diseases. Decoction of the leaves and stems can be used as black dyes on fabrics and mats. Stem and leaf extract collision sidukung children (meniran) can be used penuba fish.
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Petunjuk Labor



Anti busung air: antiedema
Memacu enzim pencernaan: ateratif
Memperlancar pembuluh darah : vasodilator
Mempercepat pemasakan bisul : maturatif
Mempermudah persalinan : partirfasien
Mengurangi keringat : antihidrotik
Mengurangi rasa nyeri : analgesik
Merangsang jantung : cardiac stimulan
Obat batuk : antitusif Obat luka : vulnerari
Obat pereda : sedative Pati rasa : anestetik
obat kuat: tonik Pelancar ASI: galaktagog
Pelelap tidur : hipnotik
Pelembut kulit : emolien
Peluruh air seni : diuretik
Peluruh dahak : ekspektoran
Peluruh haid: emenagok
Peluruh kentut : karminatif
Peluruh keringat : diaforetik
Peluruh liur: sialagoga
Pembersih darah: depuratif
Pembunuh serangga : insektisida
Pecegah kelumpuhan : antiparalitik
Pecegah liur: antisialik
Pecegah mual: antiemetik
Pecegah kehamilan : kontraseptik
Penambah birahi: afrodisiak
Penambah nafsu makan: stomatik
Penawar racun : antidot
Pencahar : purgatif, laksan
Pengelat : astringen
Penghenti ASI : galaktosupresan
Penghenti perdarahan: hemostatik
Penurun panas : galaktosupresan
Penurun tekanan darah : hipotensif
Perangsang: Stimulant
Penambah ASI: Laksatif
Amarum, antidiabetik
Sedative, emetic


Adas Foeniculum vulgare
Adas manis Pimpinella anisum
Alamanda Foeniculum vulgare
Alang-alang Imperata cylindica
Api-api Avicennia marina
Angsana Pterocarpus indica
Anyang-anyang Elaeocarpus grandiflorus
Arbei Fragaria vesca
Asam jawa Tamairndus indica
Asparagus Asparagus officinalis
Bakung Crinum asiaticum
Bambu Bambusa sp.
Bambu kuning phillostachys aurea
Bandotan Ageratum conyzoides
Baru cina/sudamala/lokatmala Artemisia vulgaris
Bawang bombay Allium porrum
Bawang locang Allium fistolanum
Bawang merah Allium ascolanum
Bawang prey Allium cepa
Bawang putih Allium sativum
Bawang sabrang Eleutherine americana
Bayam Amarantus lividus
Bayam duri Amarantus spinosus
Bayam merah Amarantus gracilis
Belimbing wuluh Averhoa bilimbi
Belimbing manis Averhoa carambola
Beluntas Pluchea indica
Bendoh Entada phaseoloides
Bengkuang Pachyrrhizus erosus
Bengle Zingiber cassumunar=Z purpuricum
Besaran Morus australis
Besole Chydenanthus excelsus
Bidara laut Strychnos ligustrina
Bidara upas Merremia mammosa
Biduri Calotropis gigantea
Bintano Cerbera manghas
Bligu Benincas hispida
Blustru Luffa cylindrica
Brotowali Tinospora crispa
Buah Makasar Brucea javanica
Buah nona Annona reticulata
Bunga kana Canna hydrida
Bunga iris Irris pallida
Bunga lili Lilium longiforum
Bunga tasbih Canna indica
Bungli Oroxylum indicum
Bungur cina Lagerstroeia loudonii
Buni Antidesma bunius
Cabai Capsicum annuum
Cabai rawit Capsicum frutescens
Cabe jawa puith Pipper retrofractum
Calincing Oxalis corniculata
Canar babi Smilaz zaylanica
Cecabean Polygonum hydropiper
Ceguk = wudani Quisqualis indica
Cempaka /kantil kuning Michelia cahmpaca L
Cempaka putih Michelia alba
Cempaka piring/kacapiring Gardenia augusta
Cendana Santalum album
Cengkeh Syzygium aromaticum
Ceplukan Physalis minima
Ceraka merah Plumbago indica
Ceraken Croton tiglum
Ceremai Phylanthus acidus
Cincau Cyclea barbata
Dahlia=Dahlia pinnata
Dadap ayam Erythrina variegata
Dadap serep Erythrina subumbras
Daun dewa Gynura procumbens
Daun duduk Desmodium triquetrum
Daun encok Plumbago zeylanica
Daun jinten / ajeran Plecranthus amboinicus
Daun katu Sauropus androgynus
Daun kupu-kupu Bauhinia tomentosa
Daun landep Barleria prioritis
Daun mangkok Nathopanax scutellarius
Daun sendok Plantago major
Daun seribu Achillea millefolium
Daun urat/kiurat /sangkubah Plantago Major
Daun wungu Graptophyllum pictum
Delima merah Punica granatum var. rubra
Delima putih Punica granatum
Dondong laut Nothopanax fruticosum
Druju Argemone mexicana
Duku Lansium domesticum
Eceng gondok Eichornia crassipes
Ekaliptus Eucalyptus globulus
Emara Cassuarina eqnisetifolia
Flamboyan Poinciana regia
Gadung Dioscorea hispida
Gambir Uncaria gambir
Gandapura Gaultheria fragrantissima
Gandarusa Justicia gendarussa
Ganyong /kana Canna edulis
Garut = ara irut Maranta arundinaceae
Gebang Coryppha utan
Gegaretan Desmodium gangeticum
Gembili Dioscorea aculeata
Gembolo Dioscorea bulfifera
Gempur batu Borreria articularis
Gigil Dichoria febrifuga
Ginje Thevetia peruviana
Gondang Ficus variegata
Greges otot Equisetum debile
Harendong bulu/senggani bulu Clidermia hirta
Iles-iles/ suweg Amorphopallus ampanulatus
Iller Plectranthus scutellariorides
Imba Azadirachta indica
Inggu Ruta angustifolia
Jagung Zea mays
Jahe zingiber officinale
Jakatowo Scoparia dulcis
Jamblang Eugenia cumini
Jambu Eugenia aquea
Jambu biji Psidum guajava
Jambu monyet Anacardium occidentale
Jahe Zingiberis officinales
Jail batu/jola-jali Coix lacryma-jobi
Jambu mete Anacardium occidentale
Jangkang Sterculia foetida
Jarak kaliki Ricinus communis
Jarak pagar Jatropha cucas
Jaringau Acorus calamus
Jarong /sangket Achiranthes aspera
Kecubung gunung Brugmansia candida
Jati belanda Guazuma ulmifolia
Jati Tectonia grandis
Jeruk Citrus aurantium
Jeruk nipis Citrus aurantifolia
Jeruk kingkit Triphasia trifolia
Jintan hitam manis Nigella damascena
Jintan hitam pahit Nigella sativa
Jintan putih Cuminumcyminum
Jungrahab Baeckea frutescens
Jure Nerium indicum
Kacapiring Gardenia angusta
kacang belimbing Psopocarpus tetragonolobus DC
Kacang tanah Arachis hypogea
Kat besi Toddalia asiatica
Kamboja Plumeria acuminata
Kangkung Ipomea aquatica
Kapas Gossypium Sp.
Kapasan Abelmoschus moschatus
Kapas cinde Asclepias curassavica
Kapas gading Gossypium spec
Kapuk = randu Ceiba pentandra
Kapulaga merah Ammomum compactum
Kapulaga sabrang Elettaria cardamomum
Kapur barus Dryobalanops aromatica
Kesturi Mangifera casturi Kosterm
Katu Sauropus androgynus
Kayu hitam /kicalung Diospiros macrophylla BI
Kayu manis Cinnamomun brmanii
Kayu merah Euphorbia pulcherrima
Kayu meseh Dodonea viscosa
Kayu putih /gelam Melaleuca leuladendra
Kayu rapat Parameria laevigata
Kayu tahi Celtis cinnamomea
Kerok batok Bidens pilosa
Kecombrang Nicolaia speciosa
Kecubung Datura metel
Kecubung putih Datura metel var. alba
Kecubung wulung Datura metel var.fastuosa
Kecubung Datura metel
Kedawung/alai Parkia biglobosa
Kedondong Spondiaa pinnata
Keji beling sericocalyx crispus
Kelabet Trigonella foenum-graenatum
Kelapa Cocos nucifera
Kelembak Rheum officinale
Kelor Moringa oleifera
Kemanden Melastoma Spec.
Kemandilan Hibyscus surantensis
Kemangi ocimum basillicum
Kembang bugang Clerodendrum calamitosum
Kembang merak
Kembang sepatu Hibiscus rosasinensis
Kembang sore/K pkl4 /K asak Mirabilis jalapa
Kembang telang Clitoria ternatea
Kemenyan Styrax benzoin
Kemukus Piper cubeba
Kemuning Murraya paniculata
Kenanga Cananga odorata
Kencur Kaempferia galanga
Kendal Cordia dichotoma
Kencur Kaemferiagalanga
Kentang Solanum tuberosum
Kenikir Cosmos caudatus
Kerendang Puozalzia zeylanical
Kesumba Cartharamus tinctorius
Ketapang = ketaping Terminalia catappa
Ketepeng biasa Cassia tora
Ketepeng cina = galinggang gajah Cassia alata
Ketepeng sapi Cassia ocidentalis
Ketimun Cucumis sativus
Ketumbar Coriandrum sativum
Kina Ledgeriana Cinchonaltedregiana
Ki pahang Pongamia pinnta
Kolasom Talium racemosum
Kol belanda = kayu bulan Pisonia alba
Kopi Coffea spec.
Kragean Liste cubeba
Kucai Alium odorum
Kumis kucing Orthosiphon aristatus
Kunci masak /temu kunci Boiesenbergia pandurata
Kunci pepet Kaempferia angustifolia
Kunir jingga Curcuma paeocaulis
Kunyit Curma domestica
Kunyit merah Curma domestica
Krambilan Biophytum sensitivum
Kuping macan saxifrage sarmentosa
Krisman Mentah merdinah
Kwalot /merica tambara Brucea javanica
Labu = labu air Lagenaria leucantha
Labu merah /labu parang Cucurbita moschata
Lame arei Allamanda cathartica
Lamtoro = petai cina Leucaena glauca
Lamtoro gung Leucaena leucepala
Landep Barleria prionitis
Legetan /jotang/getang Spilanthes acmella
Legundi Vitex trifolia
Lempuyang Zingiberis
Lempuyang gajah Zingiberis zerumbet
Lempuyang pahit/L.emprit Zingiber litobare
Lempuyang wangi Zingiberis aromaticum
Lengkuas = laos Languas galanga
Lenglegan Leucas lavandulaefolia
Lidah ayam Polygala glomerata
Lidah buaya Aloe vera
Lobak Raphanus sativus
Lompong alas Valeriana hardwickii
Mahoni Swietenia mahagoni
Maja Aegle marmelos
Malaka Phyllanthus emblica
Mamang /bobowan Gynandropsis gynadra
Mangga Mangifera indica
Manggis Garcinia mangostana
Masoyi Cryptocarya massoy
Melati Jasminum sambac
Melati gambir Jasminum pubescens
Meniran merah= sidukung anak Phylanthus urinaria
Meniran putih= sidukung anak Phylanthus niruri
Merica = lada Piper nigrum
Melinjo Grenatum gnemon
Mengkudu = pace Morinda citrifolia
Miana/ iter Coleus atropurpureus
Mindi kecil Melia azedarach
Mondokaki /bunga mentega Tabernaemontana divaricata
Nagasari Messua ferrea
Nam-nam Cynometra caulifloria
Nampu Homalomena javanica
Nanas Annanas comosus
Nangka Artocarpus heterophyllus
Ngokilo Strobilanthes crispus
Nyamplung Calophyllum inophyllum
Oleander / jure Nerium oleander
Pacar cina Impectiens platyptala
Pacar cina /cuculan Aglaia odorata
Pacar kuku Lawesonia inermis
Pacing /setawar Costus speciosus
Padi Oriza sativa
Pakis haji Cycas rumpii
Pala Myristica fragans
Pandan Pandanus furcatus
Pandan wangi Pandanus amaryllifolius
Paria Momordica charantia
Paria gunung Cardiospermum halicacabum
Pasak bumi Eurycoma longifolia
Patah tulang / Kayu urip Euphobia tirucalli
Patikan cina Euphorbia prostrata
Patikan kebo /gelang susu Euphorbia hirta
Pecut kuda Stachyrpheta jamaicensis
Pegagan Centella asiatica
Pepaya Carica papaya L
Petai Parkia speciosa
Pinang Areca catechu
Pinang merah Crystoschys renda BI
Pisang Musa paradisiaca
Ploso Butea monosperma
Poko Mentha arvensis
Pranajiwa Euchresta horsfieldii
Prasman Eupatorium triplinerve
Pulai Alstonia scholaris
Pulasari /pulowaras Alyxia stellata.
Pulepandak Rauvolfia serpentina
Puring Codiaeum variegatum
Purwoceng Pimpinella alpina
Remek daging I Hemigraphisrcolorata
Remek daging II Hemigraphis repanda
Remek daging III Hemigraphis spec.
Rangga dipa Clerodenrum indicum
Ruku-ruku/ Lampes Ocimum sanctum
Rumput betung/ greges otot equisetum debile
Rumput teki Cyperus rotundus
Rumput bolong Acalyptha india
Saga Abrus precatorius
Salak Zalacca edulis
Salam Eugenia polyantha
Samba keling Bixa orellana
Sambang darah Excoecaria cochinchinensis
Sambang colok/kisambang Aerva sanguinolenta
Sambang getih Hemigraphis colorata
Sambiloto/empedu tanah Andrographis paniculata
Sangketan heliotropium indicum
Sawo kecik Manilkara kauki
Sawo manila Achras zapota
Secang Caesalpinia sappan
Sedap malam Polianthes tuberose L
Selada air Nasturtium officinale
Selasih/kemangi Ocimum bacilicum
semanggi Marsilea creata
Semanggi gunung/selatun Hydrocotyle sibtopioides
Sembukan Paederia foetida
Sembukan Saprosma arboreum
Sembung Bulmea balsamifera
Sempur/junti Dillenia aurea
Senggani/kiharendong Melastoma polyanthum
Sengitan Sanbucus javanica
Serai masak Androphogon nardus var. cerifenus
Serai minyak Andropogon nardus var.citriodorus
Seruni/krisan Chrysantemum indicum
Sidaguri Sida retusa, Sida rhobifolia
Sidowayah Woodfordia fruticosa
Sikejut = putrid malu Mimosa pudica
Simbar menjangan Platycerium bifurcatum
Singkong Manihot utillasima
Sirawan Arcangelisia flava
Sirih Piper betle
Sirih gading Piper spec
Sirsak/nangka belanda Annona muricata
Sledri Apium graviolens
Songgo langit Ochrosia opporisitifolia
Sosor bebek Kalanchoe pinnata
Srigading Nyclanthes rombifolia, N.abortristis
Srigunggu Clerodendrum sertatum
Srikaya Annona squamosa
Sruni Chrysantemum indicum
Stevia/sarimanis Stevia rebaudiana
Tali putri Cassytha filiformis
Tanjung Mimuspos elengi
Tapak dara merah Vinca roseus
Tapak dara putih Catharantus roseus
Tapak liman /tapak gajah Elephantopus scaber
Tarum Indigofera Sp.
Teja kusuma/komfrey Symphytum officinale
Teklan Eupathorium riparium
Telur kodok Hygrophylla Sp.
Tembakau Nicotiana tabacum
Tembelekan /tai ayam Lantana camara
Tempuyung Sonchus arvensis
Temugiring Curma heyneana
Temu hitam Curcuma aeruginosa
Temu kunci Boesenbergia pandurata
Temulawak Curma xanthorrhiza
Temupinggang Curcuma purpurascens
Temuputih Curcuma zedoaria
Temuputri Kaempferia rotunda
Teratai Nelumbium nelumbo
Teratai gunung/sukmodiluwih Gunnera macrophylla
Tereba Rhinacanthus nasuta
Terong ngor Solanum indicum
Tebu Saccharum officinarum
Teh Thea sinensis
Tembakau Nicotiana tabacum
Tengkir/jarak cina Jatropha multifida
Timi Thymus vulgaris
Trengguli Cassia fistula

Organic Chemistry labpratories, Padang State University, Indonesia


Oleh Tarmizi, BSc, S.Pd

Sidukung anak alias meniran (Phylanthus aurinaria L) merupakan tumbuhan liar sebagai gulma menjanjikan potensi sebagai bahan obat tradisional yang sangat berharga. Nenek moyang kita sudah memanfaatkannya sebagai obat penggempur batu ginjal, penurun panas, antidiare, pelancar air seni, encok, sembelit, dan pereda sakit pinggang.
Di Jawa orang mengenal tumbuhan ini dengan meniran ijo, memeniran dan meniran sementara karena buahnya sebesar menir, serdangkan di Sumatera sebagai sidukung anak. Mungkin karena buahnya tergantung di pelepah daun (mirip buah katu), sepertinya digendong atau didukung. Para peracik jamu menyebutnya sebagai
Phillanthy Herba untuk tanaman sidukung anak (meniran) seutuhnya.
Sosok tanaman
Sidukung anak (meniran) merupakan tumbuhan liar sebagai semak dengan daun tersusun rapi, bersirip genap seperti daun petai cina. Bentuk lembaran daun bulat telur sampai bulat memanjang. Ukuran daun kecil dengan ujung bundar atau lancip. Permukaan daun bagian bawah berbintik-bintik, berkelenjar. Tanaman ini tingginya hanya sekitar 30-40 cm. Berbatang lunak , bercabang berpencar.
Pada satu tanaman sidukung anak (meniran) terdapat bunga betina ada di pangkal daun, sedang bunga jantan di ujung daun terdiri atas 2-3 kuntum. Bentuk bunga bulat.
Buahnya serupa kotak berkatup tiga, licin. Ukurannya sebesar menir (pecahan beras), bergaris tengah 0,2-0,25 cm.
Dua jenis
Tumbuhan liar ini tersebar di kebun, lapangan rumput, tepi jalan, tepi selokan, dan dekat pembuangan sampah. Penyebarannya meliputi seluruh daerah tropis mulai dari dataran rendah sampai dataran tinggi sekitar 1.500 m diatas permukaan laut.
Berdasarkan warnanya tanaman sidukung anak alias meniran ini dapat dibedakan atas dua spesies, yaitu sidukung anak (meniran) merah dan sidukung anak (meniran) hijau. Keduanya tergolong famili jarak-jarakan Euphorbiaceae.
Sidukung anak (meniran) merah (Phyllanthus aurinaria)berbatang merah. Kalau buahnya masak, kepala sari bunganya akan secara pecah melintang. Sedangkan sidukung anak (meniran) hijau (Phyllanthus niruri) berbatang hijau. Kalau buahnya masak, kepala sari bunga akan pecah secara membujur.
Yang digunakan untuk bahan obat seluruh bagian tanaman, akar, dan daunnya. Bahan segar yang diperoleh diangin-anginkan dulu sampai kering (di tempat yang teduh) sebelum dipakai sebgai bahan racikan obat. Rasanya pahit, agak masam, sejuk.

Zat yang berkhasiat
Rebusan tanaman ini berasa pahit, karena kandungan zat yang berkhasiat, antara lain Filantin, hipofilantin, garam kalium. Orang Jawa menyebutnya meniran ijo, memeniran atau meniran. Si dukung anak termasuk famili Euphorbiaceae. Seluruh tanaman berkhasiat sebagaipeluruh haid, peluruh dahak/obat batuk, peluruh air seni dan penambah nafsu makan. (Depkes RI, 1985)
Sidukung anak (meniran) sebagai obat menurut Sri Yuliani dan Hernani dari Balitro (Balai Penelitian Tanaman Rempah dan Obat) mengandung senyawa kimuia alkaloida, saponin, glikosida, flavonoida, tanin, dan zat-zat lain yang berkhasiat obat. Sedangkan peneliti lain menyebut meniran mengandung zat filantin, hipfilantin, kalium, tanin, damar.
Tanin berpengaruh sebagai antidiare. Kalium bersifat diuretik dan penggempur batu ginjal. Alkaloida, saponin, glukosida, flavanoida, berpengaruh secara farmakologis tertentu.
Penelitian mendalam tentang pengaruh sidukung anak (meniran) terhadap suatu penyakit belum banyak, tapi tanaman ini sebagai bahan ramuan obat tradisional sudah lama di Indonesia maupun di Cina.
Ramuan obat
Sebagai ramuan bahan obat, para sinshe lebih suka menggunakan sidukung anak (meniran) merah. Simplisianya lebih dikenal dengan sebutan zhen zhu cao. Bahan itu dipakai untuk menyembuhkan radang ginjal, infeksi salurankencing, penambah nafsu makan anak-anak, peluruh dahak, peluruh haid, menyembuhkan disentri dan sariawan mulut.
Diuretik dan obat encok
Untuk meringankan buang air kecil dan encok dapat digunakan ramuan terdiri dari 4-5 pelepah daun sidukung anak (meniran) bersama daun kumis kucing (Orthosiphon grandiflora) sama banyak. Bahan itu direbus dalam segelas air (220 ml) sampai tinggal setengahnya. Setelah dingin dapat diminum, lakukan 2 kali sehari.
Obat malaria
Bersihkan setengah genggam daun si dukung anak dan rebus dengan 3 gelas air. Didihkan terus hingga airnya tinggal setengahnya. Dinginkan dan saring, minumlah 3 kali sehari.
Obat kencing nanah
Ambillah tiga perempat daun sidukung anak lalu dicuci, kemudian direbus dengan air bersih sebanyak empat gelas. Didihkan dan biarkan hingga airnya tinggal tigaperempat bagian. Dinginkan dan disaring. campurkan dengan sedikit gula sebelum diminum, lakukan tiga kali sehari.
Obat luka bernanah
Luka bernanah dapat diketahui dari gejalanya, yaitu demam dan panas, kulit sekeliling luka membengkak, bila luka itu dite-kan, akan keluar nanah. Untuk mengobatinya ikutilah resep tradisional berikut.
Gilinglah setengah genggam daun sidukung anak (meniran kerbau) setelah dicuci. Setelah halus, diremas dengan air garam satu sendok makan. Kemudian digosokkan pada luka bernanah. Selesai diobati, luka harus dibalut. Pakaialah obat ini dua kali sehari.
Obat radang lambung
Petiklah daun sidukung anak tigaperempat genggam lalu dicuci dan direbus dengan air tiga gelas. Biarkan terus mendidih hingga tinggal tigaperempatnya. Air rebusan disaring dan diminum bersama madu murni. Minumlah jamu ini tiga kali sehari, tiap kali tigaperempat gelas.
Obat penyakit Kulit
Daun dan batang sidukung anak (meniran) yang dilumatkan dapat dipakai sebagai tapal untuk menyembuhkan penyakit kulit. Rebusan daun dan batangnya dapat digunakan sebagai zat pewarna hitam pada kain dan tikar. Ekstrak tumbukan batang dan daun sidukung anak (meniran) dapat dipakai penuba ikan.


OLeh Tarmizi, B.Sc, S.Pd

Ketepeng cina (Cassia alata) sama sekali bukan kerabat ketaping atau ketapang, tapi suku Caesalpiniaceae, asal Amerika Selatan. Di Sumatera dikenal sebagai daun kupang, daun kurap (karena mujarab untuk obat kurap), ketepeng, kupang-kupang, galinggang gajah, urakap. Di Jawa selain disebut ketepeng cina juga dijuluki ketepeng badak, ketepeng kebo, kimanila, ocon-aconan. Di Maluku dan sekitarnya disebut sayo mora, tabankum, haya mara, kupang-kupang.
Daun dan sosoknya lebih besar dari ketepeng kecil (Cassia tora), yang berupa terna serendah 50 cm dan disebut juga galinggang (dalam bahasa Minangkabau). Ketepeng kecil alias galinggang lebih banyak sebagai tanah kosong, daripada tanaman hias. Galinggang biasa disayur dan berasa agak manis.
Ketepeng cina berupa perdu tegak, setinggi 3 meter. batangnya hanya sebesar lengan, dan ia banyak ditanamn sebagai penghias taman. Bunganya yang menggerombol dalam tandan bewarna kuning emas, indah nian. Sedangkan daunnya yang bersirip genap hijau lonjong, mempunyai sumbu tangkai yang merah jingga.
Kandung dan khasiatnya
Daun ketepeng cina punya nama simplisia Cassia Folium, mengandung zat berkhasiat antara lain rein dan aloe-emodin. Khasiatnya menurut Depkes RI (1985), antara lain untuk obat sakit kulit dan pencahar. Sedangkan kulit pohonnya untuk pengelat (astringen).
Sakit kulit yang dimaksudkan di sini lebih dikenal sebagai kurap yang disebabkan oleh cendawan Trichophyton. Kulit yang terserang (biasanya kepala dan sela jari), menunjukkan bercak bulat belang, yang berbeda warnanya dari kulit sekitarnya, sampai disebut 'ringworm' oleh orang-orang Inggeris. Hanya ringnya yang tampak, sedangkan warmnya tidak ada. Daun kupang ini begitu mangkus melawan kurap, sehinggo ia juga dijuluki daun kurap.
Menurut para pakar obat tradisional, ketepeng badak ini juga mengandung asam krisofanat (dihidroksimetil-antrokinon) yang bersifat menumpas jamur, krisorobin (hasil reduksi krisofonat), Yang juga antijamur, dan tanin yang bersifat pengerut, penghalus kulit. Krisarobin itu kalau pekat bisa merusak kulit, tapi kalau encer tidak begitu runyam, untung ada tanin, Yang mampu menutup dan menghaluskan lecet-lecet kulit. Maka ketika salap dari daun ketepeng itu dioleskon pada kulit yang berkurap, ia samasekali tidak melepuhkan kulit.
Salap ketepeng cina dibuat sebagai berikut. Beberapa helai daunnya digiling di atas batu giling, sambil diperciki air secukupnya, sampai lumat berubah jadi seperti bubur. boleh juga memakai lumpang berikut penumbuknya, untuk melumatkan daun itu. Bubur daun kemudian ditetesi sari jeruk nipis dan diaduk-aduk sekali lagi supaya merata, sampai halus seperti salap. Inilah yang dioleskan pada kulit yang terserang kurap.
Di Kalimantan, salap ini dipakai untuk membasmi lusung, semacam kudis Yang disebabkan oleh jamur juga. Lain lagi di Madura, salap seperti ini ditambah lagi sari kunyit dan dipakai penumpas kudis (skabies), yang disebabkan oleh tungau parasit kulit, Sarcoptes scabiei.
Karena daun ketepeng juga mengandung tanin, maka ia juga dimanfaatkan sebagai obat urus-urus alias pencahar. Tetapi karena di dalam daun ini terkandung pula antrakinon (dalam krisofanat) yang anti cacing kremi. Maka khasiatnya sebagai pencahar itu, juga sekaligus bisa dimanfaatkan untuk mengusir cacing kremi.
Kalau hanya untuk pencahar saja, 7 helai daun ketepeng cina segar cukup direbus bersama 2 gelas air, biarkan terus mendidih hingga airnya tinggal 1 gelas. Air rebusan ini kemudian dihabiskan satu kali minum.
Pengusir cacing kremi
Kalau maunya mengusir cacing kremi juga, terutama pada anak anak, maka daun ketepeng cina itu 7 helai mesti direbus bersama daging buah asam jawa 1 buku jempol dan serbuk akar kelembak (Rheum officinalle) 2 sendok teh. Semua bahan direbus dengan 2 gelas air sampai tinggal 1 gelas.
Asamnya (Tomarindus indica) dimaksudkan untuk memberi rasa sedap nyaman pada jamu itu. Maklum, bau daun ketepeng cina memang memuakkan. Sedangkan serbuk kelembak, (yang dapat dibeli di warung jamu sebagai potong-potongan akar kering, atau di apotek sebagai serbuk Rheum cortex), yang mengandung emodin, bersifat mengerutkan dinding usus, sampai merangsang orang untuk buang air besar.
Sari rebusan ketiga unsur jamu itu disaring dan diminumkan pada anak yang bercacing kremi.
Obat lepra
Penyakit lepra disebabkan basil halus yang disebut basil bansen. Tanda-tandanya : terdapat bercak-bercak merah yang gatal pada punggung dan muka. Lama kelamaaan warnanya menjadi merah coklat. Selain itu ada benjol-benjol pada kening, telinga, hidung dan di bawah tangan.
Untuk ini, ambillah 1/4 genggam daun ketepeng cina, 1/4 genggam daun ceraka merah, umbi temulawak 6 cm, lengkuas 4 cm, jintam hitam 1 sendok teh dan gula enau 3 potong yang masing-masing 8 cm. Semuanya dibersihkan lalu direbus dengan air 3 gelas. Biarkan terus mendidih hingga tinggal 1/4 bagian, saring dan dibagi tiga untuk diminum 3 kali sehari(Tarmizi, BSc)
Sariawan adalah tukak kecil, dengan dasar berwarna keputihputihan, yang terjadi pada lidah, bibir, atau gusi dan menimbulkan rasa nyeri.
Sariawan disebabkan oleh kekurangan zat besi, vitamin B12, vitamin C, tetapi dapat juga timbul karena stres.
• 30 gram daun ketepeng cina direbus dengan 400 cc air hingga tersisa 200 cc kemudian airnya diminum selagi hangat.dan lakukan secara teratur 2 x sehari.
Obat panu
• 2 lembar daun ketepeng cina diberi sedikit garam dan digosokkan pada bagian kulit yang berpanu. Lakukan setiap kali selesai mandi.
Sumber: Slamet Soeseno, "Ketepeng dan Ketapang," (Majalah Trubus No.254) Djoko Hargono, "Tanaman Obat Indonesia," Depkes RI, 1985. H. Cir, "Obat Peninggalan Nenek Moyang," Ikhwan Jakarta, 1982.

Latuik-latuik alias Ciplukan

Latuik-latuik alias Ciplukan obat sakit kuning, ayan, susah kencing, panas demam, dan pengontrol tekanan darah,

Ciplukan Pysalis angulata tumbuh liar pada tanah becek di ladang, halaman rumah dan tempat lain sampai ketinggian 1.800 di atas permukaan laut . tumbuhan ini berupa perdu dengan tinggi mencapai 75 cm atau lebih. Daunnya tunggal berlekuk. Bunganya putih kekuningan, muncul di ketiak daun. Buahnya berbentuk lonceng berisi lima dan rasanya manis masam. Buah ciplukan berbentuk lonceng ini sering dinikmati anak gembala di desa.
Berbagai sebutan
Ceplukan yang punya sinonim nama ilmiah Physalis minima L, di Sumatera diebut: daun boda, daun kapo-kapo, daun Lato-lato; daun latuik-latuik (Minangkabau). di Jawa dinamakan: cecendet, cecendet kunir, cecenet (Sunda) ceplukan, cecendet sapi, cecendet cina (Jawa), yor-yoran (Madura), keceplokan (Kangean); Nusa Tenggara: angket, keceplokan, (Bali), dedes (Sasak); Sulawesi: Ieletokan (Minahasa); Maluku: lopunorat (Tanimbar & Seram), dagameme (Ternate); Melayu: ceplukan.
Nama asingnya: Morel berry (Inggris)
Kandungan kimianya
Daun latuik-latuik (Minangkabau) itu mengandung saponin, flavonoida, polifenol, asam sitrat, dan fisalin. Kandungan ini didapat dari Hasil penelitian sekelompok mahasiswa Kimia di Universitas Negeri Padang dalam matakuliah Kimia organik bahan alam pada tahun 1999.
Kandungan flavonoid berperan menurunkan tekanan darah. Hancuran daun ciplukan diborehkan pada luka, bisul atau borok. Remasan daun ciplukan bersama adas pulasari, sirih, garam, dan minyak dipakai mengobati tangan atau kaki terkilir. Air seduhan daunnya dipakai untuk obat kencing nanah. (Nyuwan SB & Evy Syariefa, 2002).
Penderita sakit kuning, ayan, dan sulit buang air kecil diobati dengan buah ciplukan. Ciplukan memang bersifat diuretik, namun bila dipakai berlebihan menyebabkan mabuk. Seduhan akarnya bermanfaat menurunkan panas demam. (R Broto Sudibyo, 2002).
Pengontrol tekanan darah
Tiga pohon tumbuhan lengkap ciplukan dicuci bersih dan direbus dengan 3 gelas air. Biarkan mendidih dan airnya tersisa 1 gelas. Air rebusan yang kental dan pahit ini diminum 2 kali sehari.
Satu pohon tumbuhan lengkap ciplukan dicuci bersih dan direbus dengan 3 gelas air. Biarkan mendidih dan airnya tersisa ½ gelas. Air rebusan ini diminum sekaligus atau 2 kali sehari. Selain itu juga rutin makan buah ciplukan yang rasanya manis.
Ramuan di atas diperoleh dari pengalaman Ny.Kinem di Wonogiri. Setelah 2 bulan mengkonsumsi obat tersebut, sakit kepala dan pegal di belakang lehernya lenyap. Tekanan darahnya yang semula 240, ketika dicek di Puskesmas setempat, ternyata turun menjadi normal 130/80 mm Hg. Walau sudah sembuh, ia tetap saja mengkonsumsi rebusan ceplukan.
Obat sakit kuning
Pada bulan April 2005, penulis bertemu seorang Ibu (Ida, 45 tahun) di Kantor Pos Siteba Padang. Waktu itu ia mengirimkan sekardus kecil tumbuhan obat kering untuk anaknya di Batam. Setelah penulis tanya, ternyata obat itu berisi daun latuik-latuik bersama bunga mutiara kering.
“Kedua tumbuhan kering itu (daun latuik-latuik dan bunga mutiara)diperlukan masing-masing segenggam, direbus dengan 5 gelas air hingga terisa 2 gelas. Diminum 2 kali sehari. Ramuan itu dipakai untuk obat anak saya (umur 15 tahun) yang mulai menampakkan hasil penyembuhan dengan ramuan ini,” Jelas Bu Ida. (Tarmizi, B.Sc, S.Pd/ Universitas Negeri Padang)

Tumbuhan Obat