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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MEDICINE AS A FRUIT Pineapple diphtheria, roundworms, Male sterility, carrot salad, AND QUICK tired

MEDICINE AS A FRUIT Pineapple diphtheria, roundworms, Male sterility, carrot salad, AND QUICK tired
by Tarmizi, BSc, S. Pd

If we're talking about fruit, we imagine that the fruit was the result of the plant, either in the form of trees, or herbaceous stem. Most fruits are round to oval, taste sour, sweet, bitter, chocolate or a mixture of various flavors. In general, fruits can be eaten, but not all fruits are eaten by humans. What for example? Baby, clothes fruit, fruit of your hands? possible, but there is no real fruit eaten, because the harsh or toxic, possibly because it is not good.
Another name for Pineapple

Pineapple (Ananas comosus Merr) belonging to the family Bromeliaceae, which in Sumatra called ekahauku, anes, nas, henas, Kenaz, honas, Annas, gona, ASIT, masit, enas, kanas, pineapple, naneh, kanyas and nyanyas. In Java, called danas, malignant, pineapple and Sweet potato weevils, while in Kalimaantan as kanas, samblaka, Malacca, uro usan, usan wood, wood ujan and teens. In Nusatenggara called manas, pineapple, Aruna, fanda pandal, panda java, nana, peda, anana, swords, or nanasi parangena, in Sulawesi as tuis Mongondow, na'asi, nanasi, tuis, ne tuis walanda, foam, nut, nanati , lalato, views, crazy, ekam, hedan, esne and ngewu. People call it ai rice embarrassment, than bababa, kai rice, bankalo, kampora, kanasoi, anasu, banggala, Bangkala, kai Nasu, kambala, Kampala, arnasinu, kanasi, kurnasin, Mangala, nanasi, nanasu, anasul, kalnasi, nanaki and pineapple .
The figure of pineapple plants
Pineapple allegedly originated from the valley of the river Parana-Paraguay, South America, form a strong herb, with fleshy leaves, spiny pseudo pseudo, containing sugar, bromelain and vitamin C, with a crude Fructus Ananas, pineapple.
Usefulness pineapple
Peluruh nutritious ripe pineapple urine (diuretic), blood cleanser (depuratif) and appetite enhancer (stomatik). Meanwhile, young pineapple nutritious boost digestive enzymes (ateratif), worm medicine and purgative (purgatif), while its leaves for fever (anestesik). Please note, that pregnant women should not eat pineapple young, dangerous to the pregnancy.
Pineapple is sweet and sour, sour as vitamin C and sweet as glucose and fructose slightly. Besides, it also contains bromelain, an enzyme breaker proteins. The nature of protein-solver is used to soften the tough meat. In addition to denature proteins, bromelain also breaks down protein from the body of germs, including the body of Corynebacterium diphtheriae, which is also in the form of plasma cell proteins. That is why the bromelain in pineapple juice is anti inflammatory, because it can destroy germs that cause inflammation.
If your child has a fever his body, then looks swollen throat was inflamed, that's the sign he was attacked by the bacteria of the throat. Among these may be attacked by diphtheria bacteria. Bacteria, Corynebacterium diphtheriae, attacked the duty to protect mucous membranes of the throat area. Bacteria were spread toxins that can attack the entire body.
Actually this disease is more often attack children than adults. but because children generally have routinely immunized with injections of DPT (diphtheria, and typhoid paratifus) in compulsory school, it is usually not attacked. But who knows, one day he was attacked as well? He should be immediately taken to the doctor. In an emergency and temporary protection, these diseases can be commuted by drinking pineapple juice.
Drug diphtheria
Diphtheria disebababkan by the bacillus is transmitted through saliva spray directly. Target adaIah diphtheria mucous membranes in the nasal cavity, and pharynx sura rope.
People affected by diphtheria usually experience these things: shortness of breath because the clogged by lenders, throat pain when swallowing anything, increased body temperature, and decreased appetite, body weakness.
Treatment as follows:
The ripe fruit peeled, washed and grated, then squeezed juice. Better not to mix the waste is filtered. It is used to extract rinsed her mouth and throw out, then the remaining pineapple juice to drink. Do it three times a day, every drink need a half cup of pineapple juice
Provide a ripe pineapple, peeled and crushed or ground in a blender and then disraing water. Berkumulah with pineapple juice of the ripe fruit during the three minutes
Roundworm drugs
The existence of worm bracelet in the body can be seen from the symptoms. Decreased appetite, seizures and abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, body lean, pale face and belly fat, when shortness of breath.
A young pineapple already large peeled and grated. Give two tablespoons of honey, juice and filtered water. This juice drink once a day. This medicine should not be taken by pregnant women.
Male sterile
Often when a child can not go after the old family, who were accused only of barren istrilah. But after being checked and if sisuami barren say, then do a variety of businesses. Among others by following the traditional ingredients.
Pineapple hearts blended or blend so obtained ½ cup juice. Sledri 20 grams of finely chopped leaves. Crushed pineapple sledri with heart squeezed and filtered for drinking. Add brown sugar to taste and drink at bedtime. Pray that you get good offspring.
Carrot salad
This salad is intended for mothers who have given birth. If you are diligent eating this salad then two months later the results would be perceived as a herbal extract of the meeting.
Provide the following materials: babal or nipple jackfruit two pieces, one nipple young coconut fruit, the young bark 5 fruit, banana or banana guajava s epiderm first stone fruit, a young pineapple fruit, fruit 1-3 chilies, palm sugar or brown sugar to taste. All material is washed and dfijadikan salad. May also dijuice if you prefer. Usually eaten as salad or when blended drink during daylight hours. Do twice a week.
Quick tired
Follows nutritious juice removes fatigue, fast gluttonous, lethargic, lethargy and heart palpitations and was often forgotten.
200 cc of fresh liquid milk, pineapple 100 grams, 75 grams sledri, 1 teaspoon honey. Pineapple and sledri washed and juiced, enter the fresh milk and honey. Stir well and drink.
Drugs KB
20 grams of betel leaves, 5 grams jenitri, and 5 grams of wood meeting ground. A young pineapple fruit, a fruit that has been squeezed lime dicampukan to the material that had been crushed. Black sticky rice eaten with tapai by women who were family planning in the afternoon.
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