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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


By: Tarmizi, BSc, S. Pd

Unlike the single aim of modern medicine, the mysterious compound in onions function more as a panacea (mangkus) that counteract the destruction of cells.
Belong to the onion Family: Liliaceae. Scientific name: Allium cepa L. Onion names according to region: Sumatra: onions brotherly ruby, Pia, onion brother, barambang sirah, red garlic, onion and torches. Java: onion beureum, brambang, onion brother, bhabangmera. Nusatenggara: jasun bang, laisona pilas, kalpenomeh. Sulawesi: jantuna, mopura, bawangi, lasuna spell, lasuna blemish. Maluku: Kosai miha, take, take roriha.
Gynecology chemistry
Onion contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals, and compounds that function as anti-mutagen and anti-carcinogens. Less attention because these compounds have no nutritional value at all and are found in very limited number of bags. Although beitu, these compounds potentially physiologically.
Shallot not as a main source of carbohydrate, protein, vitamins and minerals. However, the potential of this product is not less important than other agricultural products. The shallot is an agricultural commodity ang contains a lot of water, dimanaairnya approximately 80-85%.
Of every 100 grams of onion water content reaches 80-85 g, protein 1.5 g, 0.3 g fat, 9.3 g. carbohydrates The other component is 50 IU of beta carotene, thiamine 30 mg, 0.04 mg riboflavin, niacin 20 mg, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 9 mg. Minerals such as potassium 334 mg, 0.8 mg iron, phosphorus 40 mg, and produces 30 calories of energy.
This plant grows throughout Indonesia, especially in the mountains, the everyday is known as a seasoning for cooking, both in Indonesia and other countries in the world. In addition to seasoning, onion has long been used for the treatment of the family.
Ancient Egyptians had known since the 5000 onion years. Shallot is a material known as a cold medicine since centuries. In addition, red onion to function kills bacteria that cause disease Entamuba coli and salmonella.
From the research shows that onions can lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood. Can also inhibit thrombocyte enumpukan. In addition onion can enhance the activity, thus fibriolitik expedite the flow of blood. No less important onion-zation can memobi cholesterol from where penimbunannya.
With the influence of this kind of onion can happen on one's meneka disease mnis urinary complications, like heart disease, gangrene and other diseases.
According to the MOH in the Book of Medicinal Plants of Indonesia, onion bulbs with a bulb cepae Alii contain essential oils, siklo aliin, metilaliin, dihidroaliin, kaemferol, fluroglusin.
In onion there are ties in the amino acid that has no smell, no colored and soluble in water. Association of amino acids is called aliin. Where these compounds can be transformed into alicin. Together with thiamine (vitamin B), may establish allitiamin alicin, compound formation and this proved to be more easily absorbed by the body than viamin B itself. Degan Thus, vitamin B alicin can make more efficiently utilized by the body.
Compounds that are bactericidal and fungicidal also allegedly contained in the oil, onion Attrition. According to the MOH in the Book of Medicinal Plants of Indonesia, onion bulbs with a bulb cepae Alii useful to stimulate the digestive enzymes, drug injuries, peluruh urine, sputum peluruh / cough medicine, peluruh menstruation, and diabetes medications.
• 5 garlic cloves and shallots 5 cloves of finely pounded. Take three kampong chicken egg yolk. All ingredients mixed and cooked by steaming or steamed. Eaten every morning for a month.
Stuep / seizures
To avoid the child not to get caught if he was in a state stuep heat, try to go to toilet regularly, or if a fever make sure that he can pee and sweat as much. Avoid windy or wind-up motor vehicles and do not surprise her.
• If seizures occurred with fever, then the head of the child is washed down with cold water or ice water or compressed with a given red onion vinegar. Her feet are soaked in warm water. To revive him, tetesilah tongue with onion water. Note the correct part of his teeth, not to bite his own tongue. To that can be propped his tongue with a spoon or cloth.
5 grams of red onion, chili / chilli 15 grams, five grams kawak acid, pepper 10 grams, five grams of palm sugar, 7 grams of table salt. All the materials are finely ground into chili sauce. Also Boil spinach until ¾ cooked sufficiently. Eat spinach with chilli and rice. Hopefully, your blood pressure rose again to normal!
Children bloating / colds
• 1 clove of garlic and onion 1 clove crushed together. Add seven drops of oil, stir again. Apply on the stomach of the child. If there is eucalyptus oil or oil candidate, also may be blended so that the outcome could have.
Reference: Trubus Magazine July 1991; Magazine Indonesian Medical Association 1986; Bulletin N0.11 Kimima Farma 1981; Magazine Panasea No. 86 July 1994, Healing with medicinal plants, 2002, Herb heaven, 1997, Indonesian medicinal plants, 1985.

Red Onion
Red onion (Allium ascolanum) including spare Lilianceae very much his role primarily as an ingredient in cooking usage, where the onion can function as source of the aroma and flavoring dishes very important. This is due to onion has a specific taste and smell that comes from the dikanduagnya etiris oil that is as fast allil prophyl disulfide evaporates. Besides the red onion is also a drug
Onion crop comes from West Asia which is the Palestinian entry into Indonesia from India, Kapat diketabui entry into Indonesia is not yet clear. In outline known two types of onions are ordinary onions (Allium ascolanum) and red onion or shallot onions actually (Allium cepa). Allium ascolonicum Blambangan known as onion is a type of onion that has been widely used.
Onion is classified as a division-phyta spermatho, sub division angiospermae, monokotiledon class, order liliaces, family Liliaceae, and allium spises ascolonicum.
Growing Place the red onion
According Suryatna Effendi to the growth of a plant in addition to the genetic composition also depends on soil and climatic conditions, Although humans have not, can change ikling except at the boundaries tertontu but able to manage its operations to match the climate of his farming is available. Add more onion kel.embaban climate requires a high at the beginning of growth and dry conditions and high temperatures on manaknyat period.
Red onions can be planted with either the plateau region, but generally good lebib lowland areas to a height of 30 meters from the sea surface because the air temperature tiggi. In an agrarian action Kanisas found that onion plants can live either in high or low lying areas. Altitude from the sea surface ranges from 000-800 meters.
According Samsudin during growth of onion plants need a wet and dry periods alternate each other. When circumstances sufficient irrigation water available shallots should be done in the dry season, because of foggy weather and rain caused perkembanganya much longer and more active disease. In general, the onion plants are not resistant to the dense, the optimum annual precipitation 100-200 ml / month. Temperature for growth of 15-35 degrees.
Chemical Composition
Jenis.sayuran onion is very easy to be planted and reared. In onion there are many substances that are needed by the body as calories, protein, fat, calcium, and others. Chemical composition of onion can be seen in the following table.
Kolori: 39 cal
Protein: 1.5 grams
Carbohydrates: 0.2 grams
Calcium: 36 mg
Phosphorus: 40
0.03 mg vitamin
Vitamin C 2 mg
Water 88 mg
Fat 0.3 mg
Pectin is generally found in primary cell walls of plants, especially on the sidelines between the cellulose and hemi cellulose. Pectin compound also functions as an adhesive between the cell wall to one another. Section between two adjacent cell walls are called lamela middle.
As a composer plant tissue, pectin substances responsible for most of the hardness and texture of fruits and vegetables. Tissue softening of fruits during ripening, the destruction of the stability Icoloid fruits pekatan changes often caused by changes in pectin substances. As additives, pectin and gel forming thickener is very valuable.
Pectin is generally composed of various carbohydrate compounds. consists primarily of polysaccharide compounds consisting of acid units connected by D galakturonat 1-4 glucoside bonds, galakturonat acid is a derivative of galactose.
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