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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fruit Juices for Colon Cleansing

Carrot Juice and Fruit Juices for Colon Cleansing
By Tarmizi, B. Sc, S. Pd

First, parents are familiar with the term cathartic. These days more people know him as colon cleansing (colon cleansing). Various types of cancer can be ditangkal with this effort.
Did you know that inside the body there are a lot of mucus that blocks the blood circulation, which can impede the healing process during illness?
Mucus-mucus in the body that happens because we eat slimy foods like cheese, butter, rice, dairy, animal products, salt, sugar, white flour, and so forth. Mucus-mucus needs to be cleared from the body to keep you healthy.
Nutrition doctor, DR. Dr. Walujo Soerjodibroto, Ph.D., says that if we have been accustomed since childhood mengasup fibrous food, mucus-mucus was not going there. This new layer of mucus may be loose if we do colon cleansing (colon cleansing) on a regular basis. How, other than using laxatives, can also do therapy with grape juice. "In this therapy is recommended to consume grapefruit juice every four hours, reducing the consumption of protein and fat, and increase consumption of fiber from vegetables and fresh fruit," explained Dr. Walujo.
Some types of cancer can be cured like breast cancer, prostate, and more. "The Healing This course will happen only if patients adhere to the schedule recovery programs, in addition to maintaining protein and fat consumption to no exaggeration," he said.
Carrot (Daucus carota) is a tuber vegetable crops in the form of annual grasses. Carrots are also called carrot, carrots, and wortal bortol. Trunk short, single roots which then changes shape and function to round and elongated tubers. This thin-skinned tuber carrots and yellow kemerahmerahan. It was sweet and delicious eaten raw directly.
Uses Carrot
Carrot is a vegetable that is in addition to the dual function cooking juice also has efficacy as a medicine to cure various diseases. For food that is processed into vegetable soup, capcai, pecel, pickles, fresh vegetables, stew and others. As a medicine, the raw juice drink, can be used to treat various diseases like high blood pressure, indigestion, colitis, allergies, cancer and others.
Chemical composition of carrot
Carrots with a crisp taste, slightly sweet and good to eat them raw straight, has a color of reddish tuber which contains various substances with the composition as shown in the table.
Chemical Composition Tables Carrots
Kinds of content, the amount of content in 100 grams
Vitamin A 12 000 IU (International Units)
6:10 g vitamin B
6.10-2 g of vitamin C
093 mg fat
Proteins 1, 2 mg
9.3 g carbohydrate
Calcium 0938 mg
Phosphorus 0.37 mg
0:08 Iron mg
Calories 42 calories
Source: Composition of nutrients and food Dr.K.Mien praised Indonesia, 1990.
Type Type Carrots
Carrot (Daucus carota), including into umbelifloral family that is a plant that has a flower arrangement shaped like an umbrella. Carrots can be distinguished based on shape into three types: 1. Type Imperatur. 2. Type Chantenay. 3. Nantes type.
Type Imperatur have elliptical bulb and a pointed tip (cone shaped). Type Chantenay has a bulb-shaped elliptical and blunt ends, which considered this type usually does not have the root fibers. Nantes has a bulb-shaped type of transition from the second type above.
Among the three types above, the carrot is the most preferred type tuber Chantenay because the flavor is sweeter than the others.
Original Shape Foods
The human body can be likened to a car engine that needs fuel, so they require food and drink that right. This slimy foods needed as one body fuel because it contains protein and karbohodirat.
However, because of bad fat content in meat that tends to inhibit blood circulation, Dr. Norman Walker, in his book, Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices What's Missing in Your Body, said that the need to eat foods in the form seasli possible. In other words, back to nature so much better.
Prof. nutritionists. Dr. Nainggolan, author of Natural Healing with Juices, said that the substances the body needs such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes are sufficient in fruits, grains, and vegetables. Only, because vegetables and food that is cooked, especially with high temperature, nutritious substances contained in them may be lost or disappear, although not entirely. "Approximately 60 to 70 percent can lose nutrients when cooked," he said. Warming of more than 45 degrees Celsius can cause damage proteins and enzymes in vegetables and groceries. This is unfortunate because the enzyme is important in many bodily functions.
In the book The Complete of Juicing, Dr.. Michael T. Murray's, a nutritionist from Seattle, Washington, wrote that the enzyme is a powerful protein that plays an important role as a catalyst or an introduction in almost all activities and biochemical reactions in the body that amounted to hundreds of thousands. "Optimal health depends on enzymes that can do the job well. With the return seasli foods as possible, we do not always lack the enzyme. If the deficiency, it can become a serious problem," he said.
Taken directly
Before you start trying to do the cleaning, it is useful to understand the question of juice. In making the juice was not just sublimate away fruits or vegetables into the blender machine. Dr. Michael reveals four things to keep in mind in making the juice:
Juicer blender is not the same. If you want to have fiber, use a blender, while to get the juices without pulp, juice, use a juicer.
How to drink the juice, may be taken alone or mixed with other ingredients so delicious. For the less tasty juice, mixed with carrots, apples, or strawberries. Can also add a little honey. Since this is for the treatment and cleansing the body, the juice should be drunk is not mixed with water.
Drink the juice immediately after being served, the longest six hours are stored in the refrigerator.
We Clean Up
To rid the body of mucus-mucus that inhibits blood circulation, although probably the first time was difficult, Professor. Nainggolan suggest we should not eat anything, like a true vegetarian adherents. The goal, the body clean so that we get the freshness. "They are used as a normal body fat, and the lean was also made of normal height. For those who have suffered stomach and intestines, it is recommended to consume foods such as regular fixed by adding the number of fruits and vegetables into the menus, "he said.
The tips below are excerpted from his paper, Preventing and Curing Diseases with Fruit and Vegetables. He did not recommend the kids to try these tips because they're still in growth phase. (Donny Anggoro, 2003)
First Day
In the morning at around 6:00, drink papaya juice or two glasses of 1.5. Time to drink, should be rinsed her mouth first so the juice mixes with saliva. So that there are fibers, may also eat a carrot in the middle of the day.
Second Day
Same with the first day, drink papaya juice in the morning. In the daytime also may eat one carrot sticks. On the second day is recommended to drink as much olive oil 1 teaspoon three times a day followed by drinking carrot juice.
Third Day
Same with the second day. At this time your body is cleansed. Symptoms that may be felt during the cleaning, it is definitely you feel hungry and will probably feel pain in the area being cleaned. If it hurts, it was a sign that a lot of mucus that must be removed from the body.
Fourth Day
Forward with carrot juice and juice are allowed plus fruits and vegetables, other vegetables like cauliflower, tomatoes, celery, green pepper, lettuce, onions, and others. This raw fruit is cut into small pieces, mixed, then put a little salt or soy sauce. No need any type of meal, but mixing them just three or four types of meal. In order to feel good, provided always the carrot, tomato, and pineapple.
Fifth day onwards
Just a little rice to eat as a food supplement. Do not forget to subtract the cooked food.
Tenth Day
On this tenth day you may return to normal eating patterns. Forward mengasup juice and raw foods also.
For more details, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, follow the menu as follows:
1. Breakfast:
Fruits in season, three or four kinds, plus chopped honey. Eating while drinking juice along with carrots, beets, carrots and cucumbers with a composition of 75 percent, beets and spinach as much as 25 percent in one glass.
2. Lunch:
Two apples, grapes, or bananas plus celery, spinach, lettuce, watercress, and carrots.
3. Dinner:
Three kinds of fruits like pineapple, papaya and mango or fruit in season, plus carrot juice or mixed, such as carrots and celery.
Reference: (Sakidja, MS, 1989);. (Winarno, 1984);. (McWilliam, M. 1971);. (Hulme.AC 1970);. (Meyer, LH 1971);. (Dr.K.Mien praised , 1990);. (Donny Anggoro, 2003).
(Tarmizi, B. Sc, S. Pd / State University of Padang)
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