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Monday, July 12, 2010

Latuik-latuik or Ciplukan

Latuik-latuik aka Ciplukan drug jaundice, epilepsy, difficulty urinating, fever, and blood pressure control,

Ciplukan Pysalis angulata grows wild on the muddy ground in the fields, the home page and other places to a height of 1800 above sea level. This plant shrubs with a height of 75 cm or more. Single leaves are notched. The flowers yellowish white, the leaves appear in the armpit. Bell-shaped fruit contains five sweet and sour taste. Ciplukan bell-shaped fruit is often enjoyed by a shepherd in the village.
Various designation
Physalis angulata who have a scientific name Physalis minima synonym of L, in Sumatra diebut: boda leaves, leaf-Kapo Kapo, leaf-Lato lato; leaf-latuik latuik (Minangkabau). Java named: cecendet, cecendet turmeric, cecenet (Sunda), Physalis angulata, cecendet cows, cecendet China (Java), Major-yoran (Madura), keceplokan (Kangean); Nusa Tenggara: questionnaire, keceplokan, (Bali), musk (Sasak ); Sulawesi: Ieletokan (Minahasa); Maluku: lopunorat (Tanimbar & Seram), dagameme (Ternate); Melayu: Physalis angulata.
Its foreign name: Morel berry (English)
Levels of the chemical
Leaf-latuik latuik (Minangkabau) that contain saponin, flavonoida, polyphenols, citric acid, and fisalin. This content is obtained from the results of the research group of chemistry students at State University of Padang in the course Chemical nature of organic materials in 1999.
Flavonoid content acts to lower blood pressure. Crushed leaves used as boreh ciplukan on wounds, sores or ulcers. Squeezes ciplukan with fennel leaves pulasari, betel leaf, salt, and oil is used to treat a hand or foot sprain. Water steeping the leaves used to cure gonorrhea. (SB & Evy Nyuwan Syariefa, 2002).
Patients with jaundice, epilepsy, and difficult urination ciplukan treated with fruit. Ciplukan it is a diuretic, but if worn causing excessive drinking. Steeping roots beneficial reduce fever. (R Broto Sudibyo, 2002).
Blood pressure control
Three complete plant trees ciplukan washed and boiled with three glasses of water. Let boil and remaining 1 cup water. A thick stew of water and this bitter drink two times a day.
A complete plant trees ciplukan washed and boiled with three glasses of water. Let boil and remaining ½ cup water. Water decoction is drunk at once or two times a day. It also routinely ciplukan eating fruit that tastes sweet.
Potion on the experience gained from Ny.Kinem in Wonogiri. After two months of consuming the drug, headaches and aching in the back of his neck disappeared. His blood pressure was initially 240, when checked at a local health center, it drops to a normal 130/80 mm Hg. While it is healed, he still consumes stew Physalis angulata.
Drug jaundice
In April 2005, the writer met a mother (Ida, 45 years) at the Post Office Siteba Padang. At that time he sent a small box of dried herbs for children in Batam. After the writer asked, apparently drug-containing leaf latuik latuik with pearl flowers dry.
"Both the dried plant (leaves and flowers latuik latuik-pearl) is required each handful, boiled with 5 cups of water until terisa two glasses. Drunk two times a day. The potion used to cure my son (age 15 years) begins to show healing results with this herb, "Clearly, Mrs. Ida. (Tarmizi, B. Sc, S. Pd / State University of Padang)
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