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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Euphorbia andquorum

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia ke Inggris

Sesuru (Euphorbia andquorum L.) with synonym Euphorbia neriifolia L. included in the Familia Euphorbiaceae. This plant is only known by several names, ie: blades, susuru, susudu (Java).
Foreign Names: Common milk hedge, fleshy spurge (Huo a le). Name Simplisianya Antiquori folium (leaf sesuru)
The figure Plant:
Sesuru commonly planted in yards, gardens or growing wild in fields and coastal areas.
Upright shrub, 1-3 m tall, much knaggy, fleshy and contain a milky white sap. This plant resembles a cactus, an old branch length or angular shapes are round 3-6, 3-5 fin has a small branch of a thick, wavy, and in each basin to grow a pair of sharp thorns. The leaves are small, short-stemmed and fleshy. Leaf blade ovate breech, 8-12 cm long, 3-4 cm wide, dark green top, bottom rather young, growing tip of a branch turns, easily separated. Flowers small, umbrella-shaped flower consists of 3 that came out in the basin fin, I cm in diameter, pale yellow color. Fruit round, diameter 1 cm.
Chemical Nature and Effects Farmakologis:
Bitter, cold, toxic. Stem after fluid is removed by processing, efficacious eliminate swelling (anti-swelling), anti-inflammatory (anti-inflammatory), anti-diarrhea, laxative fart.
Chemical Ingredients:
Trunk: Taraxerol, taraxerone, friedelan-3a-ol, friedelan-30-ol, epifriedelanol, sterols, progesterone, carbohydrates, amino acids, citric acid, malic acid, and acid tumarat.
Leaves: peroxidase, calcium oxalate, peptic substance, starch.
Gum: Euphorbol, euphol, cyeloartenol.
Parts used:
Stem, leaf and flower buds, skin and spines removed, then cut thin and then fry until yellow.
Purpose: Acute diarrhea. Malaria, fever. Kill insects (insecticide). Inflammation of the child's ear. Toothache. Shortness of breath (asmatis). Rheumatism. Constipation. Snake bite (root),
Usage To drink: 3-6 g of the stem. Rod after being washed clean, removed the skin and thorns. Cut thin, then fried with rice until the color brown. These stems are dry and then boiled with water, drink,
External use. Fresh stems washed and then ground smooth. Feelings are used to polish water boils, skin inflammation purulent (pioderml) and ringworm (ringworm infection). Or the stem is dried, ground into powder, Sprinkle the sick place.
Concocting drugs from sesudu
Boils are skin infections characterized by the onset of red bumps on the skin which will then dilated and filled with pus. Boils can grow in all parts of the body but are more common in the humid parts of the body, such as: neck, arm folds, or creases palia.
Boils are skin infections caused by Staphylococcal bacteria that enter the skin through nihivak glands, sweat glands and hair follicles.
Ulcer Treatment, plodermi.
• Trunk cut thin, warm over low heat Put the above boils or skin inflammation.
Ulcer Drugs, mange:
• Branch discarded skin fresh, finely ground and pressed, be lubricated with water to boil or ringworm and all around, Do 2 times a day.
Inflammatory Drugs child's ear:
• Branch discarded skin fresh, finely ground and squeezed. The water used for dripping a sick child's ear. 4-6 times a day, 2-3 totes.
Toothache Medication.
• Gum sesuru few drops, with a cotton stick to the teeth be lubricated with a sore or hole in it. Do it 1-2 times a day, but be careful. Do not get on a healthy tooth.
Difficult Toilet (Constipation)
Constipation is a state of delay or difficulty emptying the contents of the stomach caused by the stool Stool volume is too loud or too small.
Constipation is usually caused by the habit of eating a low fiber content and water or a habit to ignore the desire defecation.
Treatment of Constipation.
• Trunk sesuru washed and finely ground, squeeze. The water is mixed with tapioca flour to taste and made pills of green beans. Dry roasted over by tile placemat. Each time you eat a pill.
Note: Sesuru toxic, pregnant women are prohibited from use.
To drink, sesuru after the discarded skin and prickly then thinly sliced. Fried or gongseng with rice, until the color menjadicoklat. New boiled with water, drink.
• When ingested a little without digongserg sesuru beforehand, will cause severe diarrhea. When consumed a lot, will cause blisters on the mouth, vomiting, headache, trembling and coma.
• Medicine (antidote): egg white, milk and resuscitation.
Sap when on the skin, some people can nienyebabkan irritation and blisters. When niengenai eye, can cause blindness. Immediately wash with clean running water.

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